Journal of Religious Ethics

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Edited By: Aline Kalbian and Martin Kavka

Online ISSN: 1467-9795

Honoring John Kelsay & Sumner B. Twiss

Co-Editors, Journal of Religious Ethics, 2001-2011

History, Human Rights, and Globalization
Sumner B. Twiss
Volume 32, Issue 1

Comparative Ethics, A Common Morality, And Human Rights
Sumner B. Twiss
Volume 33, Issue 4

Democratic Virtue, Comparative Ethics, and Contemporary Islam
John Kelsay
Volume 33, Issue 4

On Cross-Cultural Conflict and Pediatric Intervention
Sumner B. Twiss
Volume 34, Issue 1

Comparison and History in the Study of Religious Ethics: An Essay on Michael Cook's Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong in Islamic Thought
John Kelsay
Volume 35, Issue 2

Can a Perpetrator Write a Testimonio? Moral Lessons from the Dark Side
Sumner B. Twiss
Volume 38, Issue 1

Ethnography, Anthropology, and Comparative Religious Ethics: Or Ethnography and the Comparative Religious Ethics Local
John Kelsay
Volume 38, Issue 3

Global Ethics and Human Rights: A Reflection
Sumner B. Twiss
Volume 39, Issue 2

John Kelsay's Keynote Address at our Latest Virtual Conference: The Changing Face of War
The Just War: Historical and Comparative Perspectives