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Virtual Issue: Sociolinguistic Variation

To mark the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the NWAV (New Ways of Analyzing Variation) conference, the Journal of Sociolinguistics has assembled a virtual issue that highlights a few key contributions to our understanding of sociolinguistic variation, all published in the Journal of Sociolinguistics starting with its first issue in 1997. The collection points to a number of theoretical insights and analytic innovations, often first presented at NWAV and then disseminated through the Journal. These themes include the study of vernacular speech, standard language, change in real and apparent time, language ideology, ethnicity, gender, power, authenticity, globalization, bilingualism, acquisition of variation, social meaning, indexicality, perception, cognition, and the birth of new dialects.

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Properties of the sociolinguistic monitor
William Labov, Sharon Ash, Maya Ravindranath, Tracey Weldon, Maciej Baranowski, and Naomi Nagy, 2011

Contact, the feature pool and the speech community: The emergence of Multicultural London English
Jenny Cheshire, Paul Kerswill, Sue Fox and Eivind Torgersen, 2011

Variation and the indexical field
Penelope Eckert, 2008

The learning of spoken French variation by immersion students from Toronto, Canada
Raymond Mougeon, Katherine Rehner and Terry Nadasdi, 2004

The globalisation of vernacular variation
Miriam Meyerhoff and Nancy Niedzielski, 2003

Sociolinguistic authenticities
Nikolas Coupland, 2003

Language ideologies and the consequences of standardization
James Milroy, 2001

You da man: Narrating the racial other in the production of white masculinity
Mary Bucholtz, 1999

Watching Dutch change: A real time study of variation and change in standard Dutch pronunciation
Hans Van de Velde, Roeland van Hout and Marinel Gerritsen, 1997

Isolation Within Isolation: A Solitary Century of African-American Vernacular English
Walt Wolfram, Kirk Hazen and Jennifer Ruff Tamburro, 1997

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