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Measuring inequality using censored data: a multiple-imputation approach to estimation and inference, by S. P. Jenkins, R. V. Burkhauser, S. Feng and J. Larrimore, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, Statistics in Society, Volume 174 (2011), part 2, pages 63–81.

There are two file archives containing Stata scripts (do files and ado files), plus two SAS scripts


Programs for * data extraction from the CPS (SAS) * fitting GB2 models * multiple imputation data sets * producing output files of the inequality measures from each MI data


* combination of the MI estimates using the Reiter rules * post-processing -- production of the tables summarising inequality comparisons reported in the paper + * gb2lfit.ado, gb2lfit_ll.ado, gb2lfit.hlp (Stata programs for fitting GB2 distributions to left-truncated right-censored data) -- these were used in fitting of the GB2 models at the Census Data Center -- the programs were written by Stephen P. Jenkins. -gb2lfit- is not an official Stata command. It is a free contribution to the research community, like a paper. Please cite it as such.

Jenkins, Stephen P. 2009. "GB2LFIT: Stata module to fit a GB2 distribution to unit record data", Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex, Colchester, UK.

See also -gb2fit-, available from the Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive at Boston College. (Type -ssc describe gb2fit- at the Stata prompt of an internet-connected PC.)

To get the CPS data


Public-use data are available from NBER and can be downloaded via their website:

Researchers interested in accessing the restricted-use ('internal') data should consult the access guidelines provided on the US Bureau of the Census website at The guidelines include information on both the process and what has to be included in the submitted proposal.

Steohen P. Jenkins

Institute for Social and Economic Research

University of Essex

Wivenhoe Park





Dataset (50KB)

Catching the habit: a study of inequality of opportunity in smoking-related mortality, by S. Balia and A. M. Jones, pages, 175–194.

The Stata code in file was written by Silvia Balia, University of Cagliari and CRENoS: e-mail

*** This is intended as a guide, users will have to modify code for their own use.

*** This code will reproduce results reported in Tables 2 and 3 of the paper.

Andrew M. Jones

Department of Economics and Related Studies

University of York



YO10 5DD



Dataset (3KB)