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Award-winning Articles and Monographs

Award-winning Articles and Monographs

• The Language Learning Board of Directors and Editors congratulate Luke Plonsky of Northern Arizona University and Susa M. Gass of Michigan State University for their receipt of the 2012 ACTFL-MLJ Paul Pimsleur Award for Research in Foreign Language Education. The award recognizes their article entitled, “Quantitative Research Methods, Study Quality, and Outcomes: The Case of Interaction.”

• The Board of Directors and Editors congratulate Language Learning author Catherine Van Beuningen from the University of Amsterdam for her receipt of the 2011Christopher Brumfit Thesis Award. The main study of this doctoral dissertation, which explored the value of written error correction for fostering long-term grammatical accuracy, is reported in: Van Beuningen, C. G., De Jong, N. H., & Kuiken, F. (2012). Evidence on the effectiveness of comprehensive error correction in second language writing. Language Learning, 62, 1-41. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9922.2011.00674.x. Access and read this article here. Read the announcement of the award here.

• New Award for Outstanding Article of the Year in Language Learning

The members of the Board of Directors of Language Learning are pleased to announce a new, annual award: Each year, members of the Board will vote to select the article they consider the most outstanding among the articles published in the previous year's volume of the journal.

Volume 62, 2012:

L2 Negation Constructions at Work
Søren Eskildsen
Language Learning, 62, 2, 335-372

Volume 61, 2011:

Quantitative Research Methods, Study Quality, and Outcomes: The Case of Interaction Research
Luke Plonsky and Susan Gass
Language Learning, 61, 2, 325-366

Volume 60, 2010:

The Development of Polysemy and Frequency Use in English Second Language Speakers
Scott Crossley, Tom Salsbury and Danielle McNamara
Language Learning, 60, 3, 573-605

Volume 59, 2009:

Age of Onset and Nativelikeness in a Second Language: Listener Perception Versus Linguistic Scrutiny
Niclas Abrahamsson and Kenneth Hyltenstam
59, 2, 249-306

• The 2009 Sage/International Language Testing Association (ILTA) award for the best book in the area of language testing/assessment is awarded to Tim McNamara and Carsten Roever for the Language Learning Monograph: Language Testing: The Social Dimension.

• The 2007 ACTFL-MLJ Paul Pimsleur Award for Research in Foreign Language Education has been awarded to Paul Toth for his article “Processing Instruction and a Role for Output in Second Language Acquisition,” published in the 2006 volume of Language Learning. The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language’s Paul Pimsleur Award for Research in Foreign Language Education is awarded on the basis of the quality of the research presented in the article and its potential impact on foreign language learning or teaching.

• The Language Learning Monograph, The Interactional Architecture of the Language Classroom: A Conversation Analysis Perspective, by Paul Seedhouse, won the Kenneth W. Mildenberger Prize from the Modern Language Association for the outstanding scholarly book of the year in the fields of language, culture, literacy or literature with strong application to the teaching of languages other than English.

• Kimberly Noels' article 'Learning Spanish as a Second Language: Learners' Orientations and Perceptions of Their Teachers' Communication Style', Language Learning 51, 107-144, was recognized by an award from the International Association for Language and Social Psychology: The Robert C. Gardner Award for Excellence in Second Language and Second Language Learning Research.

• John Norris and Lourdes Ortega were awarded the TESOL/Newbury House Award for Outstanding Research in the year 2000 for their article 'Effectiveness of L2 Instruction: A Research Synthesis and Quantitative Meta Analysis,' Language Learning 50, 417-528. The same article earned Dr. Norris and Dr. Ortega the 2001 ACTFL-MLJ Pimsleur Award for the best research article on foreign language education.

• Rob Schoonen, Jan Hulstijn and Bart Bossers were awarded the 2000 ACTFL-MLJ Pimsleur Award for their article: 'Metacognitive and Language-Specific Knowledge in Native and Foreign Language Reading Comprehension: An Empirical Study Among Dutch Students in Grades 6, 8 and 10,' Language Learning 48, 71-106.

• J. Purpura was selected by the International Language Testing Association for its award for the best article on language testing in 1997 for his paper 'An analysis of the Relationships Between Test Takers' Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategy Use and Second Language Test Performance' Language Learning, 47, 289-325.