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Edited By: Nancy Reichman, Sociology, University of Denver

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Thirty years of key contributions to debates on law and policy

Published: 15 Feb 2008

Problematizing Legitimacy and Authority in Law & Policy
x Prod Ed, Fiona Haines, Nancy Reichman, Colin Scott

Moving Beyond Command-and-Control: Reflexivity in the Regulation of Occupational Safety and Health and the Environment
Marius Aalders, Ton Wilthagen

Regulation Crisis: Evaluating the Potentioal Legitimizing Effects of "Corporate Manslaughter" Cases
Paul Almond

Sources of Stigma: Analyzing the Psychology of Affirmative Action

New Institutionalism and Naturalism in Socio-Legal Analysis: Institutionalist Approaches to Regulatory Decision Making
Julia Black

From international ethics to European Union policy: a case study on biopiracy in the EUs Biotechnology Directive
Emilie Cloatre

Introduction: Auditing in Regulatory Perspective
Sasha Courville, Christine Parker, Helen Watchirs

Legal Ambiguity and the Politics of Compliance: Affirmative Action Officers' Dilemma

Daubert and the Exclusionary Ethos: The Convergence of Corporate and Judicial Attitudes towards the Admissibility of Expert Evidence in Tort Litigation*

Accountability and Systems of Self-Governance: The Case of the Maritime Industry
Franco Furger

Industry Self-Regulation: An Institutional Perspective
Neil Gunningham, Joseph Rees

The Social Control of Drinking-Driving: An Ethnographic Study of Bar Settings

BARGAIN AND BLUFF: Compliance Strategy and Deterrence in the Enforcement of Regulation

Policy, Research, and Funding: Socio Legal Studies in a changed Political Climate

Coercion, Cooperation, and Control: Understanding the Policy Impact of Administrative Courts and the Ombudsman in the Netherlands
Marc Hertogh

Introduction: Comparing National Styles of Regulation in Japan and the United States
Robert Kagan

Editor's Introduction: Understanding Regulatory Enforcement

Between Cup and Lip : Social Science Influences on Law and Policy

The Role of Special Master in Institutional Reform Litigation: A Case Study

Indigenous Peoples and Sustainable Development Subprojects in Brazilian Amazonia: The Challenges of Interculturality

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Women's Employment
Susan Lloyd

Compensating Victims for Harms Caused by Pollution and Other Hazardous Substances: A Comparison of American and Japanese Policies

Performance-Based Regulation and Regulatory Regimes: The Saga of Leaky Buildings
Peter J. May

Perceptions About the Poor, Their Legal Needs, and Legal Services

Regulatory Culture: A Theoretical Outline

Development, Cultural Forces, and Women's Achievements in Africa

Development of Communitarian Regulation in the Chemical Industry
Joseph Rees

The Pull of the Policy Audience



Mediator Settlement Strategies