Modern Theology

Cover image for Vol. 33 Issue 3

Edited By: Jim Fodor and Bill Cavanaugh

Online ISSN: 1468-0025

Praise for Modern Theology

Modern Theology has, in a very short span of years, established itself as the indispensable first point of reference for high-level debate on contemporary theological questions. '
Professor Sarah Coakley, Harvard Divinity School

'That it makes a real contribution is beyond doubt since there is no British journal that aims at such creative discussion of issues in systematic theology pure and simple. '
British Book News

'I find Modern Theology so stimulating because its contributors are acutely aware of both current and classical movements in philosophy and unashamed of employing them in the service of theological inquiry. That spells theological inquiry at its best; neither modish nor settled; breaking ground while illuminating us regarding the riches of the tradition in question. '
David B. Burrell, C. S. C, Theodore M. Hesburgh Professor of Philosophy and Theology, University of Notre Dame

'Modern Theology has set new standards for critical and constructive engagement with key issues. It is now playing a leading role in setting the agenda in the field. It publishes a wide range of the most interesting and profound of the younger and older contemporary theologians in Britain and North America. Its articles are of a consistently high standard and its book reviews authoritative. It is overall an impressive achievement. '
David F. Ford, Regius Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge