Early Medieval Europe

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Edited By: Sarah Hamilton, Marios Costambeys, Paul Dutton, Simon MacLean, Ian Wood, Dawn Hadley, Julia Barrow, Roy Flechner, Helmut Reimitz and Deborah Deliyannis

Online ISSN: 1468-0254

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Special anniversary issue: Twenty years of Early Medieval Europe

To celebrate the publication of the twentieth volume of Early Medieval Europe, this special issue collects papers written for this occasion by the founders of the journal. For further information please click here.

Prize Winners

We are delighted to announce the 2012 winner of the Early Medieval Europe Essay Prize:

Can silence speak volumes? Widukind's Res Gestae Saxonicae and the coronation of Otto I reconsidered
Steven Robbie
Volume 20, Issue 3, July 2012

Read the winning article FREE online for a limited period.

Royal Historical Society (RHS) Alexander Prize - Winning Article

Read the winning article for the 2011 RHS Alexander Prize for FREE online:

Public rites and public wrongs: ritual aspects of diplomas in tenth- and eleventh-century England

The judges said: 'A meticulous and thought-provoking piece of comparative history, this article skillfully analyses Anglo-Saxon diplomas by drawing on insights about medieval ritual that have previously been applied to sources from continental Europe. After a succinct survey of the current historiography, it offers a fascinating account of public rituals of conveyance in ninth- and tenth-century England. Adventurous in the questions it poses, but discriminating in its assessment of what answers the methodological approach adopted can offer, this article is an exemplary addition to the literature on ritual in medieval society. It will be of interest not only to all medievalists but also to historians of any period interested in ritual aspects of power.'


'The contributors... are distinguished and their scholarship is solid. For those who work in its area, Early Medieval Europe will be indispensable. It is clearly and deservedly destined to be influential.'
Times Higher Education Supplement

'EME articles are important contributions to our field. I built an upper level course around all the essays that had appeared thus far in EME and it was a great success with students, especially the review essays. They provided them not only with the most recent research findings, but also taught them how to frame an argument, present evidence, and so on.'
John Contreni, Purdue University

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