Economic Affairs

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Edited By: J. R. Shackleton

Online ISSN: 1468-0270

Society Information

The Institute of Economic Affairs is a research and educational charity (No CC235 351). Its mission is to improve understanding of the fundamental institutions of a free society by analysing and expounding the role of markets in solving economic and social problems. The IEA achieves its mission by:

  • a high quality publishing programme
  • conferences, seminars and lectures on a range of subjects
  • outreach to school and college students
  • brokering media introductions and appearances
  • other related activities

Established in 1955 by the late Sir Antony Fisher, the IEA is an educational charity, limited by guarantee. It is independent of any political party or group and is financed by sales of publications, conference fees and voluntary donations.

In addition to Economic Affairs, the IEA publishes papers on a wide variety of economic and social topics.

The IEA is aided in its work by a distinguished international Academic Advisory Council and an eminent panel of Honorary Fellows. Together with other academics, they review prospective IEA publications, their comments being passed on anonymously to authors. All IEA papers are therefore subject to the same rigorous independent refereeing process as used by leading academic journals.

IEA publications enjoy widespread classroom use and course adoptions in schools and universities. They are also sold throughout the world and often translated/reprinted.

Since 1974 the IEA has helped to create a world-wide network of 100 similar institutions in over 70 countries. They are all independent but share the IEA's mission.

Views expressed in the IEA's publications are those of the authors, not those of the Institute (which has no corporate view), its Managing Trustees, Academic Advisory Council members or senior staff.

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