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About Oxford Economics
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Oxford Economics provides services covering three main areas:
1 - Economic Forecasting, including Reports and Conferences;
2 - User-friendly Economic Models, including Software and Workshops;
3 - Consultancy. 

1 - Economic Forecasting
Oxford Economics’ economic forecasting services include:
The International Economy - providing daily briefs on key economic and political developments, together with detailed projections for over 175 economies.
International Industrial Sectors - forecasts cover the full spectrum of industrial sectors in the US, Japan, China and major Western European economies.
The UK Economy - covering the macroeconomy; detailed analysis of over 70 industrial sectors; the 13 government office regions; and projections for over 50 categories of consumer spending for the UK as a whole and 15 categories across 200,000 ‘output areas’.
Scenario Analysis - tailored studies analysing prospects for client product markets and quantifying the key risks and sensitivities.
These forecasts are presented in a range of regular reports and conferences, with all of our material also available on-line.

2 - Economic Prospects Reports
The following publications are available both in hardcopy and on-line:
Hilfe Economic Briefs - daily briefs on key economic and political developments, and in-depth quarterly reports, covering over 65 economies.
World Economic Prospects - a quarterly report detailing the outlook for 22 major economies in detail.
World Economic Prospects Monthly Review - providing timely analysis of developments and prospects in the major economies.
Emerging Markets Economic Outlook - developments and prospects for the key emerging economies.
Emerging Markets Watch - a monthly update highlighting the latest economic news in the leading emerging economies.
World Long-Term Economic Prospects - setting out projections for the major economies over the next 10 years.
Economic Outlook - providing quarterly in-depth coverage of the UK macroeconomy.
UK, US and Eurozone Weekly Briefs - analysing the implications of the latest economic news.
UK Industrial Prospects - analysis of developments and prospects for over 70 industrial sectors, published twice a year
UK Regional Prospects - covering the outlook for the 13 Government Office Regions, published twice a year.
UK Consumer Outlook - providing forecasts for spending on over 50 consumer products.
These publications are also available for clients to publish on their own intranets. Please contact one of our offices for further details.

3 - User-Friendly Economic Models
The models we use to produce our forecasts, developed with our own user-friendly software, are also available to clients who wish to develop their own scenarios or conduct ‘what if’ simulation analysis:
Global Macroeconomic Model - covering 45 economies in detail and headline indicators for a further 30 countries.
International Industry Model - breaking the macro forecasts for the US, Japan, China and major European economies into projections for the full spectrum of industrial sectors.
UK Macroeconomic Model - including detailed systems for forecasting household financial assets and liabilities, the housing market and public finances, as well as the key macro indicators.
UK Industry Model - linked to the UK Macro Model and integrated with the International Industry Model, calculating detailed projections for over 70 industrial sectors.
UK Regional Model - disaggregating the Macro and Industrial forecasts into projections for the 13 Government Office Regions. A model providing forecasts by county is also available.
UK Consumer Spending Models - with forecasts for over 50 categories of consumer spending for the UK as a whole, the 13 government office regions and across the 200,000 output areas.
For an overview of any of the above models click here

Software for Modelling
Our models are developed using our own user-friendly software which is available for clients. OXMOD, our model-building software, is available for users to build and solve their own macro, micro, single or multi-sector economic models, and to tabulate, export and graph the results. Visit for further details.

Oxford Economics is able to offer tailored consultancy services for clients on a wide variety of topics, drawing on its own highly professional staff and its close links with Oxford University, and a range of partner institutions in Europe, the US and in the United Nations Project Link. Areas of particular expertise include:
Product market forecasting - detailed projections for client product sales and prices, identifying and quantifying the main business drivers from our global macro and industrial forecasts.
Scenario analysis - quantifying key risks and sensitivities for the global economy, and the implications for client businesses. 
Economic impact studies - looking at economic prospects at a local level, or analysing the implications of policy and investment decisions on different regions.
Regional analysis - looking at economic prospects at a local level, or analysing the implications of policy and investment decisions on different regions.
Model building - Developing systems for forecasting and policy analysis at a macro, sectoral and regional level, including training for clients in using and developing the models themselves. 
Outsourced economics resource - Providing consultancy services to a number of organisations as an 'out-sourced' economics resource. This work involves, for example, providing regular reports for senior executives in the client organisations; preparing forecasts and alternative scenarios as inputs to strategic planning; answering queries from our main points of contact in these organisations and being available for other members of those organisations to seek data and guidance; and being proactive in proposing areas of research to be undertaken.

Oxford Economics
Oxford Economics (formerly Oxford Economic Forecasting) was founded in 1981 to provide independent forecasting and analysis tailored to the needs of business economists and planners. Its services cover both the international economy and the UK, and range from regular reports and business seminars to user-friendly PC-based econometric models.  In addition, OE is able to offer consultancy across a broad range of economic issues, and commands a high degree of professional and technical expertise, both in its own staff in Oxford and Philadelphia, USA, and through its close links with Oxford University and a wide range of economic research groups around the world.

Oxford Economics USA
Oxford Economics was founded in 1990, both to support a growing US client base and to give greater depth and breadth to analysis of the US economy in particular and North America in general.