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Given the philosophical focus of the European Journal of Philosophy, it is scarcely surprising that a good number of the articles that we have published discuss Kant’s thought and its influence. For, of course, Kant is one of the giants of the European tradition in philosophy, without whom this tradition would surely not have taken the direction it did. Not only is it impossible to imagine the figures that followed Kant without his influence (positive and negative) upon them, so too it is hard to conceive of the subsequent debates if Kant had not written as he did.

Read the full introduction, written by Robert Stern and Dina Emundts.

Theoretical Philosophy


What Incongruent Counterparts Show
David Landy

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Kant on Spatial Orientation
Sven Bernecker


Mathematics for Humans: Kant’s Philosophy of Arithmetic Revisited
Robert Hanna


How Do We Know Necessary Truths? Kant’s Answer
Robert Hanna


Synthesis, Cognitive Normativity, and the Meaning of Kant’s Question, ‘How Are Synthetic Cognitions A Priori Possible?’
R. Lanier Anderson


The Unity of Apperception in the Critique of Pure Reason
Jose Luis Bermudez

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Kant’s Argument for the Apperception Principle
Melissa McBay Merritt


Kant and Nonconceptual Content
Robert Hanna


Perception and Categories: A Conceptualist Reading of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
Aaron M. Griffith


Kant on the Content of Cognition
Clinton Tolley


Kant on Intentionality, Magnitude, and the Unity of Perception
Sacha Golob


The Second Step of the B-Deduction
Frederick Rauscher


Kant on the Logical Origin of Concepts
Alexandra Newton

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Absolute Positing, the Frege Anticipation Thesis, and Kant’s Definitions of Judgment
Timothy Rosenkoetter


Kant’s Modalities of Judgment
Jessica Leech


Inner Sense, Body Sense, and Kant’s ‘Refutation of Idealism’
Quassim Cassam


Intuition and Nature in Kant and Goethe
Jennifer Mensch

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Kant on the Laws of Nature: Laws, Necessitation, and the Limitation of Our Knowledge
James Kreines


Kant on the Dependency of the Cosmological Argument on the Ontological Argument
Donald P. Smith

Practical Philosophy


Do Hypothetical Imperatives Require Categorical Imperatives?
Jeremy Schwartz


Value Without Regress: Kant’s ‘Formula of Humanity’ Revisited
Jens Timmermann


Kant’s Conception of Inner Value
Oliver Sensen

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Is Kant a Moral Constructivist or a Moral Realist?
Paul Formosa


On a Supposed Solution to the Reinhold/Sidgwick Problem in Kant’s Metaphysics of Morals
Courtney D. Fugate


The Problem of Agency and the Problem of Accountability in Kant’s Moral Philosophy
Iuliana Corina Vaida

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Kant’s Argument for Radical Evil
Stephen R. Grimm


Approaching Perpetual Peace: Kant’s Defence of a League of States and his Ideal of a World Federation
Pauline Kleingeld


Kantian Cosmopolitanism Beyond ‘Perpetual Peace’: Commercium, Critique, and the Cosmopolitan Problematic
Brian Milstein


Universalisability, Publicity, and Communication: Kant’s Conception of Reason
Katerina Deligiorgi


On Kant’s Rechtslehre
Katrin Flikschuh

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The Fact of Politics: History and Teleology in Kant
Larry Krasnoff



Kant, Quasi-Realism, and the Autonomy of Aesthetic Judgement
Robert Hopkins

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Kant on Recognizing Beauty
Katalin Makkai

After Kant


From Transcendental Philosophy to Wissenschaftslehre: Fichte’s Modification of Kant’s Idealism
Gunther Zoeller

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From Kant to Hegel and Back Again – The Move Towards Detranscendentalization
Jürgen Habermas


Kant, Reichenbach, and the Fate of A Priori Principles
Karin de Boer


Adorno on Kant, Freedom and Determinism
Timo Jütten


Kant, McDowell and the Theory of Consciousness
Alan Thomas


Going Beyond the Kantian Philosophy: On McDowell’s Hegelian Critique of Kant
Robert Stern

 free article Contemporary Epistemology: Kant, Hegel, McDowell
Kenneth R Westphal

Sense and Sensibility in Kant’s Practical Agent: Against the Intellectualism of Korsgaard and Sidgwick
Julien Wuerth


Cosmopolitanism and Citizenship: Kant Against Habermas
Thomas Mertens