Gender & History

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Edited By: Sarah Chambers, Maud Bracke, Tracey Deutsch, Rosemary Elliot, Mary Jo Maynes, and Stuart Airlie

Online ISSN: 1468-0424

Gender & History 25th Year Virtual Issue

Gender & History 25th Anniversary Virtual Issue

2013 marks the 25th anniversary of Gender & History. To celebrate this milestone for the journal, a new virtual issue has been created featuring highlights from the past 25 years. The virtual issue features articles, audio clips, commentary and an interview with the founding editor Leonore Davidoff.

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Video Interview
Kate Barclay Interviews Leonore Davidoff, founding editor of Gender & History
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Article Highlights from Twenty-five years of Gender & History

Judith M. Bennett, ‘Feminism and History’, Gender & History 1:3 (1989) pp. 251-72
Commentary by Pam Sharpe- Click here

Julia Smith, ‘Did Women Have a Transformation of the Roman World?’ Gender & History 12:3 (2000), pp. 552-71.
Audio Commentary, Lynn Abrams talks to Julia Smith- Click here
Transcript, Lynn Abrams talks to Julia Smith- Click here

Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks, ‘Do Women Need the Renaissance? Gender, Change and Periodisation’, Gender & History 20:3 (2008), pp. 539-57.
Commentary by Garthine Walker- Click here

Karen Harvey, ‘The Substance of Sexual Difference: Change and Persistence in Representations of the Body in Eighteenth-Century England’, Gender & History 14:2 (2002), pp. 202-23.
Audio Commentary, Alexandra Shepard talks to Karen Harvey- Click here
Transcript, Alexandra Shepard talks to Karen Harvey- Click here

Kathleen Canning, ‘The Body as Method? Reflections on the Place of the Body in Gender History’ Gender & History 11:3, (1999), pp. 499-513.
Commentary by Kathleen Canning- Click here

Michele Mitchell, ‘Silences Broken, Silences Kept: Gender and Sexuality in African-American History’, Gender & History, 11:3 (1999), pp. 433-44.
Commentary by Michele Mitchell- Click here

Mrinalini Sinha, ‘Giving Masculinity a History: Some Contributions From the Historiography of Colonial India’, Gender & History 11:3 (1999), pp445-60.
Commentary by Clare Midgley- Click here

Toby L. Ditz, ‘The New Men’s History and the Peculiar Absence of Gendered Power: Some Remedies from Early American Gender History’, Gender & History 16:1 (2004), pp. 1-35
Commentary by Ruth Karras- Click here

Rebecca Rogers, ‘Telling Stories about the Colonies: British and French Women in Algeria in the Nineteenth Century’, Gender & History 21:1 (2009) pp. 39-59.
Commentary by Rebecca Rogers- Click here

Jeanne Boydston, ‘Gender as a Question of Historical Analysis: Gender, Change and Periodisation’, Gender & History 20:3, (2008), pp. 558–83.
Commentary by Tracey Deutsch- Click here