Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography

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Edited By: Peter Jansson and Hans W. Linderholm

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ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 18/47 (Geology); 30/49 (Geography Physical)

Online ISSN: 1468-0459

Associated Title(s): Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography

Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

The journal to which you are submitting your manuscript employs a plagiarism detection system. By submitting your manuscript to this journal you accept that your manuscript may be screened for plagiarism against previously published works.

Aims and scope

Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography presents new scientific results in the field of physical geography and related subjects with emphasis on high latitude and altitude climate zones.


The publication of papers is subject to the approval of referees.


Accepted language is English. If this language is foreign to the author(s), consult a competent person (see Pre-submission English language editing).

Manuscripts Submission

All material to be considered for publication (including figures) must be submitted via All manuscripts must fully adhere to the ‘Instructions for Authors’ (IFA). This page only conveys key points for manuscripts.

Manuscript details

A complete manuscript must include (in the order they appear):
(1) The title
(2) Full author name(s) (indicate corresponding author only is not first author)
(3) Author affiliation
(4) Abstract (maximum 250 words)
(5) Main text (maximum 8000 words; 1,5--2 line spacing; 1 column)
- clear indication of maximum three levels of headings
- use numbered headings if possible
- continuous line numbering throughout the text
- URLs should be inserted as footnotes. Footnotes are otherwise not used
- if supporting information is provided, the files provided must be briefly explained in a paragraph under the heading Supporting Information
(6) Full author names and address information for all authors. Group authors that have the same address.
(7) Complete and correctly formated references (published material)
(8) All tables to be included in the manuscript file (in editable format)
(9) A complete list of figure captions
(10) All figures supplied as separate files in one of JPG, PNG, TIFF or PDF format
(11) Brief explanation of any supporting information accompanying the manuscript

Supporting Information

Supporting information can include any type of information such as:
- Large data sets (in .csv or other text based standard format; please then also provide information on the format)
- Large tables, images and other information that does not fit in the journal format

Upload supporting information in as generic formats as possible such as JPEG and TIFF for photographs, text-based files for data sets (zipped if needed), other standard formats (must be clearly defined in terms of any version number of format types). Text files should be uploaded as PDF format.

Forms of contributions

The journal accepts several forms for contributions

Regular Article. Regular research article of not more than 8000 words.

Invited Review. Review article commissioned by the journal.

Letter to the Editor is a short contribution involving discussion on topics in Physical Geography or relating to previously published articles. Letters are reviewed and edited by the journal editors. Letters discussing published papers are also subject to a possible reply from the author(s) of the original work.


The author should clearly indicate the desired order of headings; the journal accepts up to three levels of headings.

Reference system

The ‘Author-date’ system should be used. The reference format follows the following example

Author name(s), year. Journal article title. Full journal name, Volume, from–to page. doi:xxxx

doi-numbers must be included when available. For examples of other types of publications see the IFA on the Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography web site. Note the details of punctuation.


For detailed information on figure preparation and standards please see the instructions at Illustrations should be submitted digitally along with the manuscript. The accepted formats are PDF, EPS (for either line art or combinations of photographs and labelling) and TIFF (photographic images). Do not embed figures in a Word document. Illustrations requiring a special quality of paper, or colours, and large folded illustrations can not be accepted unless all extra costs are carried by the author.

Page charges

There are no page charges for papers in black and white. All colour pages are subject to mandatory page charges. Colour illustrations can be reproduced online free of charge, however these illustrations should be readable and understandable in greyscale in the printed version. All colour work, in print or online only, requires completing the Colour Work Agreement (CWA) form provided at the time of final acceptance of the manuscript. The CWA must in existing cases be submitted along with the final revised manuscript files.


Accepted articles cannot be published until the publisher has received the appropriate signed license agreement. If your paper is accepted, the author identified as the formal corresponding author for the paper will receive an email prompting them to login into Author Services, where via the Wiley Author Licensing Service (WALS) they will be able to complete the license agreement on behalf of all authors on the paper.

For authors signing the copyright transfer agreement
If the OnlineOpen option is not selected the corresponding author will be presented with the copyright transfer agreement (CTA) to sign. The terms and conditions of the CTA can be previewed in the samples associated with the Copyright FAQs below:

CTA Terms and Conditions

For authors choosing OnlineOpen
If the OnlineOpen option is selected the corresponding author will have a choice of the following Creative Commons License Open Access Agreements (OAA):

Creative Commons Attribution License OAA
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License OAA
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial -NoDerivs License OAA

To preview the terms and conditions of these open access agreements please visit the Copyright FAQs hosted on Wiley Author Services and visit

If you select the OnlineOpen option and your research is funded by The Wellcome Trust and members of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) you will be given the opportunity to publish your article under a CC-BY license supporting you in complying with Wellcome Trust and Research Councils UK requirements. For more information on this policy and the Journal’s compliant self-archiving policy please visit:

New: Pre-submission English-language editing

Authors for whom English is a second language may choose to have their manuscripts professionally edited before submission to improve the English. A list of independent suppliers of editing services can be found at All services are paid for and arranged by the author, and use of one of these services does not guarantee acceptance or preference for publication.