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Edited By: Julia Black

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Virtual Issue - Legal Scholarship

A complete set of back issues of The Modern Law Review pre-1997 is now freely available on our website. To celebrate this welcome development we offer here a collection of some of the significant articles that have published in the MLR on legal scholarship. In a sense, every piece published in the journal is about legal scholarship, but the articles collected here are some of the best examples of where scholars have reflected on the topic explicitly and in an overarching and critical way.

There are also two possible and not inconsistent ways at looking at the value of collecting these articles together. One is to see these pieces as geological substrata in which ideas have become fossilized. Reading through such issues thus provides insight into the linear evolutionary progression of legal scholarship. A second way to understand the value of these articles is to start with the assumption that legal scholarship is constantly struggling with the same set of intellectual challenges and thus these articles provide a valuable resource in thinking about current issues. Thus the purposes of the Journal set out in the original circular for The Modern Law Review are just as important now as they were then.

Overall, what this selection makes clear is that having these back issues on line is a very real scholarly resource. It is hoped that this virtual issue will be the first of many that will make clear what Glasser noted in 1987 - the Review ‘has contained an extraordinary range of material, maintaining the very highest critical standards’.

Editorial and Prefatory Note
(1937-8) 1 MLR 1

Radicals and Refugees: The Foundation of the Modern Law Review and English Legal Scholarship
(1987) 50 MLR 688

An Anniversary Preface
(1987) 50 MLR 673

Roberts and Murphy
(1987) 50 MLR 677

The Nature of Legal Scholarship
D. Feldman
(1989) 52 MLR 498

On the Uses and Misuses of Comparative Law
O. Kahn Freund
(1974) 37 MLR 1

Bentham and the Demystification of the Law
H.L.A Hart
(1973) 36 MLR 2

Legal Analysis as institutional imagination
R. Unger
(1996) 59 MLR 1