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Edited By: Patrick Madigan

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2011 Highlights from The Heythrop Journal

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The Heythrop Journal Higlights

We are delighted to present some recently published highlights from The Heythrop Journal, selected by the editor Patrick Madigan. Click on the articles below to read for free and access the full list here.

The Way in Which Socrates is Religious: The Epilogue of The First Speech of The Apology
Thomas Morris

'Resurrecting Jesus' and Critical Historiography: William Lane Craig and Dale Allison in Dialogue
Glenn B. Siniscalchi

God. . . Or a Bad, Or Mad, Man: C. S. Lewis's Argument for Christ – A Systematic Theological, Historical and Philosophical Analysis Of Aut Deus Aut Malus Homo
Paul Brazier

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The Heythrop College

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The Heythrop College

The Heythrop Journal is published in association with the Heythrop College.

Heythrop is the specialist College of the University of London, offering undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research degrees in Theology, Philosophy and combinations of these with Psychology.

The Heythrop Journal virtual issue


The Heythrop Journal virtual issue

In this complementary virtual issue of The Heythrop Journal we intend to bring again to the attention of our readers some of the most provocative (and frequently downloaded) articles of the past half-dozen years.

The topics cover hot-spots in scripture, hermeneutics, Christology, Comparative Religions, Ethics, Politics, and Cultural Criticism. Many other articles had to be left out, but this offering gives a fair sample of the range and serious attention the Heythrop Journal is determined to bring to emerging topics that challenge reigning patterns of political correctness. We thereby hope to serve readers who would be satisfied with nothing less.


News from The Heythrop Journal

"A journal that doesn’t just sit on the library shelf dedicated to gathering dust – The Heythrop Journal is a serious periodical that doesn’t patronise, it is not superficial."
Paul Brazier ( Theology, King's College, University of London)

"For fifty years The Heythrop Journal has proved to be the cutting-edge of serious and relevant theological and philosophical discussion, it has been a lodestone, a guide to the perplexed, to give safe navigation in the minefield of contemporary thought, to keep its readers secure amidst the welter of fads and trends in academia and in the world...The Heythrop Journal is sure to be at the forefront of theological and philosophical publishing for the next fifty years."
Paul Brazier ( Theology, King's College, University of London)

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