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Edited By: Professor Miles Taylor

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Austerity: A Special Virtual Issue

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The latest Virtual Issue from Historical Research collates previously published articles from the journal and podcasts from the IHR research seminar series on the topic of Austerity - enjoy this collection free online for a limited period:

Austerity: A Special Virtual Issue

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Law and Order

Sports and Celebrations

Health in History

The History of India

The Pollard Prize

The Pollard Prize 2013

We're pleased to announce the Winner of the 2013 Annual Pollard Prize:

Marie Legendre for the paper ‘Not Byzantine nor Islamic? The duke of the Thebaid and the formation of the Umayyad State’ given at the Early Middle Ages seminar.

The Runner Up was Anish Vanaik with '‘Representing commodified space: maps, leases, auctions and “narrations” of property in Delhi c.1900-47' given at the Metropolitan History Seminar.

All articles will be published in Historical Research.

The Pollard Prize is awarded annually for the best paper presented at an Institute of Historical Research seminar by a postgraduate student or by a researcher within one year of completing the PhD. For more information, visit the IHR website.

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