Historical Research

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Edited By: Professor Lawrence Goldman

Online ISSN: 1468-2281

A History of the Press: A Special Virtual Issue

A History of the Press:
A Special Virtual Issue

Enjoy a collection of previously published articles from Historical Research and podcasts from the IHR seminar series on the Press through history.

England's reconciliation with Rome: a news event in early modern Europe
Corinna Streckfuss
Volume 82, Issue 215, February 2009

Libels, Popular Literacy and Public Opinion in Early Modern England
Pauline Croft
Volume 68, Issue 167, October 1995

Mercurius Britanicus on Charles I: an exercise in civil war journalism and high politics, August 1643 to May 1646
Joyce Macadam
Volume 84, Issue 225, August 2011

New Light on the Circulation of Early Newspapers: the Case of the ‘Hamburgischer Correspondent’ in 1730
Joachim Whaley
Volume 52, Issue 126, November 1979

‘A Great Palladium of our Liberties’: the British Press and the 'Forty-Five
Bob Harris
Volume 68, Issue 165, February 1995

John Wilkes and the Freedom of the Press (1771)
Peter D. G. Thomas
Volume 33, Issue 87, May 1960

Catering for Provisional Tastes: Newspapers, Readership and Profit in Late Eighteenth-Century England
Hannah Barker
Volume 69, Issue 168, February 1996

The Whig Party and the Press in the early Nineteenth Century
Ivon Asquith
Volume 49, Issue 120, November 1976

Political Coverage in The Times, 1811–41: the Role of Barnes and Brougham
Trowbridge H. Ford
Volume 59, Issue 139, May 1986

Watchdogs or apologists? Financial journalism and company fraud in early Victorian Britain
James Taylor
Volume 85, Issue 230, November 2012

The problem with Punch
Henry Miller
Volume 82, Issue 216, May 2009

Morally transforming the world or spinning a line? Politicians and the newspaper press in mid nineteenth-century Britain
David Brown
Volume 83, Issue 220, May 2010

Constructing a Tory world-view: popular politics and the Conservative press in late-Victorian Leeds
Matthew Roberts
Volume 79, Issue 203, February 2006

Journalists and the ‘Professional Ideal’ in Britain: the Institute of Journalists, 1884–1907
Mark Hampton
Volume 72, Issue 178, June 1999

History SPOT podcastThe politics of personality: whigs, tories and the print image of the Duke of Marlborough, 1702-1713
Tony Claydon (Bangor University)
Franco-British History, 24 February 2011