Historical Research

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Edited By: Professor Lawrence Goldman

Online ISSN: 1468-2281

Austerity: A Special Virtual Issue

A Special Virtual Issue

Enjoy this extensive collection of previously published articles from Historical Research and podcasts from the IHR research seminar series.

Soup and sadaqa: charity in Islamic societies
Amy Singer
Volume 79, Issue 205, August 2006

Noble Indebtedness in Scotland between the Reformation and the Revolution
Keith M. Brown
Volume 62, Issue 149, October 1989

An end to poverty: the French Revolution and the promise of a world beyond want
Gareth Stedman Jones
Volume 78, Issue 200, May 2005

A Note on a Labour Dispute in Early Eighteenth-Century Colchester
K. H. Burley
Volume 29, Issue 80, November 1956

‘In a few years we shall none of us that now take care of them be here’: Philanthropy and the State in the Thinking of Elizabeth Fry
Volume 67, Issue 163, June 1994
Anne Summers

Trouble at the Workplace: Industrial Relations in the Royal Dockyards, 1889–1914
J. M. Haas
Volume 58, Issue 138, November 1985

The Appointment of the 1905 Poor Law Commission
John Brown
Volume 42, Issue 106, November 1969

The appointment of the 1905 Poor Law Commission—a Rejoinder
K. D. Brown
Volume 44, Issue 110, November 1971

The Poor Law Commission and the 1905 Unemployed Workmen Act
J. Brown
Volume 44, Issue 110, November 1971

Wealth Versus Welfare: the British Left Between Free Trade and National Political Economy Before the First World War
Frank Trentmann
Volume 70, Issue 171, February 1997

Moral Choice and Economic Change: Britain in the Twentieth Century
Barry Supple
Volume 73, Issue 180, February 2000

Re-inventing the ‘moral economy’ in post-war Britain
Jim Tomlinson
Volume 84, Issue 224, May 2011

History SPOT podcastPitt and the poor laws: government and the politics of social policy in the 1790s
Joanna Innes (Somerville College, Oxford)
British History in the Long 18th Century, 19 January 2011

AACH podcastThe rich becoming the poor: from riches to rags in the Georgian workhouse
Jeremy Boulton (University of Newcastle)
Anglo-American conference 2009: Cities

History SPOT podcastA permanent environment of brightness, warmth and homeliness: children's experiences of institutional care in the Waifs and Strays Society, 1881-1914
Claudia Soares (University of Manchester)
Voluntary Action History, 11 March 2013

History SPOT podcastThe Hoxton Cafe Project: Following the fault lines of community, welfare and perception
Dr Kate Bradley (University of Kent)
Voluntary Action History, 24 October 2011