History and Theory

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Edited By: Ethan Kleinberg

Online ISSN: 1468-2303


Highlights from History and Theory: A Selection of Articles from 2005-2009

Published: 25 May 2009

Introduction: This virtual issue presents a selection of articles from recent issues of History and Theory that shows the diversity of the journal's offerings in its three main categories: articles, forums, and review essays. The subject matter is wide-ranging, dealing, among others, with questions such as: should we choose not to look at Holocaust atrocity photography? Does culture evolve? Is there room for God in the study of history? The issue also includes review essays on two major twentieth-century thinkers: William H. McNeill and Paul Ricoeur, as well as on five books about totalitarianism, and another on five books about the self. All in all, they add up to a stimulating collection that reveals the vibrancy of current philosophy and theory of history.

Article: Choosing Not to Look: Representation, Repatriation, and Holocaust Atrocity Photography
Susan Crane

Article: Spots of Time
Eelco Runia

Article: Revising the Past/Revisiting the Present: How Change Happens in Historiography
Gabriel M. Spiegel

Article: Historical Meaningfulness in Shared Action
Steven G. Smith

Forum 1a: Culture Does Evolve
W. G. Runciman

Forum 1b: The Price of Metaphor
Joseph Fracchia and R. C. Lewontin

Forum 1c: Rejoinder to Fracchia and Lewontin
W. G. Runciman

Forum 2a: Acts of God? Miracles and Scientific Explanation
Tor Egil F0248rland

Forum 2b: No Room for God? History, Science, Metaphysics, and the Study of Religion
Brad S. Gregory

Forum 2c: Historiography without God: A Reply to Gregory
Tor Egil F0248rland

Review Essay: Guilty of History? The Longue Dur0233e of Paul Ricoeur
Hayden White

Review Essay: William H. McNeill: Lucretius and Moses in World History
Patrick Manning

Review Essay: Moments of Totalitarianism
Anson Rabinbach

Review Essay: Am 0145I0146 a 0147Post-Revolutionary Self0148? Historiography of the Self in the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution
Gregory S. Brown