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Edited By: Peter Nolan

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Re-connecting Work, the Politics of Production and Political Economy

The IRJ, in collaboration with the organisers of the 34th International Labour Process Conference, welcomes submissions that extend and deepen understanding of the connections between employment, the politics of production, and the contemporary political economy. What are the consequences for labour, nationally and internationally, of developing structural imbalances in the gloabl economy? Can we develop a deeper understanding of the complex connections between austerity measures, welfare systems and the functioning of labour markets? How should we interpret claims that working and living in the digital age will be radically transformed by technology, the forward march of robots, and the more widespread exploitation of artificial intelligence? Submissions on these, and other themes highlighted in the Conference prospectus, would be welcomed by the editorial team of this Special Issue. Abstract should be forwarded to the Editor by the end of April 2017.

For further details on the 34th ILP Conference see:

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