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Virtual Issue - The Middle East

International Affairs has compiled a freely available virtual issue on key political developments and events in the Middle East, comprising articles published in the journal over the course of 70 years. For contemporary analyses of recent developments and issues facing the region, see the March 2013 issue of International Affairs: ‘The Middle East ten years after the invasion of Iraq’.


Palestine to-day
Chaim Weizmann
(September–October 1936)

An Arab view of the situation in Palestine
Emile Ghory
(September–October 1936)

Palestine—the last days of the mandate
Alan Cunningham
(October 1948)

The decline of the West in the Middle East – I
Albert Hourani
(January 1953)

Economic and social foundations of democracy in the Middle East
Charles Issawi
(January 1956)

Britain and the Arabs: The need for a new start
Arnold Toynbee
(October 1964)

A case study in crisis management during detente
Coral Bell
(October 1974)

'Collusion' and the Suez Crisis of 1956
Geoffrey Warner
(April 1979)

Iran's revolution: patterns, problems and prospects
R. K. Ramazani
(Summer 1980)

Military power and foreign policy goals: the Iran–Iraq War revisited
Efraim Karsh
(Winter 1987–1988)

Decline of illusions: the status of the Israeli-occupied territories over 21 years
Adam Roberts
(Summer 1988)

The Gulf War and its aftermath: first reflections
Fred Halliday
(April 1991)

The overlord state: Turkish policy and the Kurdish issue
Philip Robins
(October 1993)

Reform from above: the politics of participation in the oil monarchies

Anoushiravan Ehteshami
(January 2003)

The Iranian nuclear challenge
Wyn Q. Bowen and Joanna Kidd
(March 2004)

The peace process and the Palestinians: a road map to Mars

Karma Nabulsi
(March 2004)

Peace with Hamas? The transforming potential of political participation

Jeroen Gunning
(March 2004)

Planning post-conflict reconstruction in Iraq: what can we learn?
Andrew Rathmell
(October 2005)