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Edited By: Andrew Dorman

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Virtual Issue: Russia

To celebrate the launch of International Affairs’ Russian themed January 2012 issue, Chatham House and Wiley-Blackwell are making a historical selection of articles freely available. The articles, ranging from 1934 to 2008, trace developments in Russian and Soviet international relations—from the domestic roots of the Soviet Union’s foreign policy and its relations with both the East and the West, to Russia’s current position in the international system and its role as an ‘emerging power’. The series provides a compelling overview of significant issues and shifts in Russian foreign policy which over time have shaped both its external relationships and its internal politics. Access each article by clicking on its title.

1. Impressions of the situation in Soviet Russia
Herbert Morrison (January 1934)

2. Russia in Europe: the conflict of values
Edward Crankshaw (October 1946)

3. The 'national bourgeoisie': a Soviet dilemma in the Middle East
Walter Z. Laqueur (July 1959)

4. Soviet foreign policy on the eve of the summit
Hugh Seton-Watson (July 1960)

5. The domestic roots of Soviet foreign policy
John A. Armstrong (January 1965)

6. The Soviet world faces West: 1945–1970
Walter C. Clemens, Jr. (July 1970)

7. US–Soviet relations: beyond the Cold War?
Phil Williams (Spring, 1989)

8. Ending the Cold War: the Soviet retreat and the US military buildup
Fred Chernoff (January 1991)

9. Russian and Soviet shadows over China's future?
Peter Ferdinand (April 1992)

10. Democratization and Russian foreign policy
Neil Malcolm and Alex Pravda (July 1996)

11. Putin's Russia: slowing the pendulum without stopping the clock
Martin Nicholson (October 2001)

12. The secret policemen's ball: the United States, Russia and the international order after 11 September
Anatol Lieven (April 2002)

13. Separatist states and post-Soviet conflicts
Dov Lynch (October 2002)

14. Strategic reassertion in Russia's Central Asia policy
Roy Allison (March 2004)

15. The ‘R’ in BRICs: is Russia an emerging power?
S. Neil Macfarlane (January 2006)

16. ‘New Cold War’ or twenty years’ crisis?
Richard Sakwa (2008)

17. ‘An enemy at the gates’ or ‘from victory to victory’? Russian foreign policy
Andrew Monaghan (July 2008)