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Virtual Issue: The Falklands

April 2012 marked 30 years since a long-standing dispute over the Falkland Islands, or Islas Malvinas, culminated in a military conflict between the UK and Argentina. This virtual issue of International Affairs features a selection of articles and book reviews on the dispute, published in the journal between 1968 and 1998. The articles give insight into the historical roots of the dispute, explain approaches to the Falklands War from various points of view—Argentina’s, the UK’s and the United Nations’—and look closely at various issues at the heart of the conflict, such as questions of sovereignty and self-determination. The forthcoming July 2012 issue of International Affairs will feature an article by Klaus Dodds on UK–Argentine relations. This article, ‘Stormy waters: Britain, the Falkland Islands and UK–Argentine relations’, discusses the more recent developments and current diplomatic and foreign policy issues surrounding the continuing question of the sovereignty of the islands.

1. Falklands or Malvinas? The background to the dispute
J. C. J. Metford
Volume 44, Issue 3 (July 1968)

2. The Falklands crisis in the United Nations, 31 March-14 June 1982
Anthony Parsons
Volume 59, Issue 2 (Spring 1983)

3. Argentine approaches to the Falklands/Malvinas: was the resort to violence foreseeable?
Guillermo A. Makin
Volume 59, Issue 3 (Summer 1983)

4. Sovereignty and the Falklands crisis
Peter Calvert
Volume 59, Issue 3 (Summer 1983)

5. Self-determination and the Falklands
Denzil Dunnett
Volume 59, Issue 3 (Summer 1983)

6. Bridgehead revisited: the literature of the Falklands
Lawrence Freedman
Volume 59, Issue 3 (Summer 1983)

7. The future of the Falkland Islands: a solution made in Hong Kong?
Peter J. Beck
Volume 61, Issue 4 (Autumn 1985)

8. Towards rapprochement? Anglo-Argentine relations and the Falklands/Malvinas in the late 1990s.
Klaus Dodds
Volume 74, Issue 3 (July 1998)

9. Review article: ‘The First Falklands War? Argentine attitudes’
Simon Collier
Volume 59, Issue 3 (Summer 1983)

10. Book review: The Struggle for the Falkland Islands by Julius Goebel, reviewed by Alan Angell
Volume 59, Issue 2 (Spring 1983)

11. Book review: The Falklands war edited by Alberto R. Coll and Anthony C. Arend, reviewed by Peter Calvert
Volume 61, Issue 4 (Autumn 1985)

12. Book review: The Falkland Islands as an international problem by Peter Beck/The sovereignty dispute over the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands by Lowell S. Gustafson, reviewed by Peter Calvert
Volume 65, Issue 4 (Autumn 1989)

13. Book review: Signals of War: The Falklands Conflict of 1982 by Lawrence Freedman and Virginia Gamba-Stonehouse, reviewed by David Stephen
Volume 67, Issue 1 (January 1991)

14. Book review: The Falklands War: Britain versus the past in the South Atlantic by Daniel K. Gibran, reviewed by Klaus Dodds
Volume 74, Issue 3 (July 1998)