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Experiences of Women Elite Leaders Doing Gender: Intra-gender Micro-violence between Women
Sharon Mavin, Gina Grandy and Jannine Williams
BJM, first published online: May 2014

Identities and Identity Work in Organizations

Andrew D. Brown
IJMR, first published online: May 2014

Promoting Scholarship that Matters: The Uselessness of Useful Research and the Usefulness of Useless Research
Mark Learmonth, Andy Lockett and Kevin Dowd
BJM, first published online: March 2012

Ideal Values and Counter-ideal Values as Two Distinct Forces: Exploring a Gap in Organizational Value Research
Niels Van Quaquebeke, Matthias M. Graf, Rudolf Kerschreiter, Sebastian C. Schuh, Rolf van Dick
IJMR, first published online: June 2013

How Do I Know Who You Think You Are? A Review of Research Methods on Organizational Identity
Davide Ravasi, Anna Canato
IJMR, first published online: February 2013

Gendered Identification: Between Idealization and Admiration
Elisabeth K. Kelan, Alice Mah
BJM, first published online: May 2012

A Matter of Reputation and Pride: Associations between Perceived External Reputation, Pride in Membership, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions
Sabrina Helm
BJM, first published online: April 2012

Developing a Human-centred and Science-based Approach to Design: The Knowledge Management Platform Project
Amandine Pascal, Catherine Thomas, A. Georges L. Romme
BJM, first published online: January 2012

Fairness as Social Responsibility: A Moral Self-regulation Account of Procedural Justice Enactment
Brebels, L; De Cremer, D; Van Dijke, M; Van Hiel, A
BJM, volume 22, issue s1, 2011

Organizational Rituals: Features, Functions and Mechanisms
Smith, ACT; Stewart, B
IJMR volume 13, issue 2, 2011

Ethical Manoeuvring: Why People Avoid Both Major and Minor Lies
Shalvi, S; Handgraaf, MJJ; De Dreu, CKW
BJM, volume 22, issue s1, 2011

To Win, or Not to Lose, At Any Cost: The Impact of Achievement Goals on Cheating
Van Yperen, NW; Hamstra, MRW; van der Klauw, M
BJM, volume 22, issue s1, 2011

Interpersonal relationships in transnational, virtual teams: Towards a configurational perspective
Zimmermann, A
IJMR, volume 13, issue 1, 2011

Leadership and Uncertainty: How Role Ambiguity Affects the Relationship between Leader Group Prototypicality and Leadership Effectiveness
Cicero, L; Pierro, A; van Knippenberg, D
, volume 21, issue 2, 2010

'Becoming Angry When Another is Treated Fairly': On Understanding When Own and Other's Fair Treatment Influences Negative Reactions
De Cremer, D; Van Hiel, A
BJM, volume 21, issue 2, 2010

Followers' Personality and the Perception of Transformational Leadership: Further Evidence for the Similarity Hypothesis
Felfe, J; Schyns, B
BJM, volume 21, issue 2, 2010

Leader Empowering Behaviour: The Leader's Perspective
Hakimi, N; van Knippenberg, D; Giessner, S
BJM, volume 21, issue 3, 2010

Hiding Customer Complaints: Studying the Motivations and Forms of Service Employees' Complaint Concealment Behaviours
Harris, LC; Ogbonna, E
BJM, Volume 21, issue 2, 2010

Organizational Identity and Legitimacy under Major Environmental Changes: Tales of Two UK Building Societies
He, HW; Baruch, Y
BJM, volume 21, issue 1, 2010

Your Place or Mine? Organizational Identification and Comfort as Mediators of Relationships Between the Managerial Control of Workspace and Employees' Satisfaction and Well-being
Knight, C; Haslam, SA
BJM, volume 21, issue 3, 2010

Who We Are Affects How We Do: The Financial Benefits of Organizational Identification
Millward, LJ; Postmes, T
BJM, volume 21, issue 2, 2010

Managers' Perceptual Errors Revisited: the Role of Knowledge Calibration
Pillai, KG
BJM, volume 21, issue 2, 2010

The Formation of Group Affect and Team Effectiveness: The Moderating Role of Identification
Tanghe, J; Wisse, B; van der Flier, H
BJM, volume 21, issue 2, 2010

Knowledge and Identity: A Review
Gao, YF; Riley, M
IJMR, volume 12, issue 3, 2010

The Importance of Role Models and Demographic Context for Senior Women's Work Identity Development
Sealy, RHV; Singh, V
IJMR, volume 12, issue 3, 2010

Happiness at Work
Fisher, CD
IJMR, volume 12, issue 4, 2010

Organizational Memory: From Expectations Memory to Procedural Memory
Ebbers, JJ; Wijnberg, NM
BJM, volume 20, issue 4, 2009

Health Promotion and Flexibility: Extending and Obscuring Power in Organizations
Maravelias, C
BJM, volume 20, issue s1, 2009

Becoming Flexible: Self-flexibility and its Pedagogies
Swan, E; Fox, S
BJM, volume 20, issue s1, 2009

Age discrimination and working life: Perspectives and contestations - a review of the contemporary literature
Wood, G; Wilkinson, A; Harcourt, M
IJMR, volume 10, issue 4, 2010

Organizational identification: A conceptual and operational review
Edwards, MR
IJMR, volume 7, issue 4, 2005

Teamworking and knowledge management: a review of converging themes
Sapsed, J; Bessant, J; Partington, D; et al.
IJMR, volume 4, issue 1, 2002

Identification in organizational contexts: linking theory and research from social and organizational psychology
Van Dick, R
IJMR, volume 3, issue 4, 2001