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Strategy as Practice

The Dynamism of Organizational Practices: The Role of Employment Blueprints
A. Georges L. Romme, Elena P. Antonacopoulou, Deborah E. M. Mulders and M. Susan Taylor
BJM, first published online: December 2012

Is Cooperation with Competitors a Good Idea? An Example in Practice
Tzu-Ju Ann Peng, Stephen Pike, Johnson Chung-Hsin Yang and Göran Roos
BJM, first published online: December 2012

Emergent Marketing Strategies and Performance: The Effects of Market Uncertainty and Strategic Feedback Systems
Simos Chari, Constantine S. Katsikeas, George Balabanis and Matthew J. Robson
BJM, first published online: April 2014

The Influence of Context on the Strategic Decision-Making Process: A Review of the Literature
Neil Gareth Shepherd, John Maynard Rudd
IJMR, first published online: November 2013

Convergence and divergence dynamics in British and French business schools: How will the pressure for accreditation influence these dynamics?
Lisa Thomas, Jon Billsberry, Véronique Ambrosini, Harry Barton
BJM, first published online: May 2013

Service(s) Marketing Research: Developments and Directions
Steve Baron, Gary Warnaby, Philippa Hunter-Jones
IJMR, first published online: April 2013

Off to Plan or Out to Lunch? Relationships between Design Characteristics and Outcomes of Strategy Workshops
Mark P. Healey, Gerard P. Hodgkinson, Richard Whittington, Gerry Johnson
BJM, first published online: September 2013

Loyalty Programs: Current Knowledge and Research Directions
Matilda Dorotic, Tammo H.A. Bijmolt, Peter C. Verhoef
IJMR, first published online: June 2011

Replication of Routines in Organizations: Existing Literature and New Perspectives
Martin Friesl, Joanne Larty
IJMR, first published online June 2012

Constructing Interlocking Rationales in Top-driven Strategic Renewal
J. Ignacio Canales
BJM, first published online March 2012

Managing Performance in a Volatile Environment: Contrasting Perspectives on Luck and Causality
John A. Parnell, Eric B. Dent, Nicholas O'Regan, Tim Hughes
BJM, 2012, volume 23, issue s1

Varieties of Capitalism and Strategic Management: Managing Performance in Multinationals after the Global Financial Crisis
Barry J. Witcher, Vinh Sum Chau
BJM, first published online: January 2012

Drivers and Performance Outcomes of Innovativeness: An Empirical Study
Lida P. Kyrgidou, Stavroula Spyropoulou
BJM, first published online: November 2011

Ownership Identity and Concentration: A Study of their Joint Impact on Corporate Diversification
Julia Hautz, Michael C. J. Mayer, Christian Stadler
BJM, first published online: November 2011

Corporate Performance Implications of Relational Demographic Differences: On Age and Titles of Chairpersons versus General Managers of Listed Chinese Companies
Chan, RYK; Cheng, LTW; Leung, TY
BJM, 2011, volume 22, issue 1

A Study of the Role Played by Manufacturing Strategic Objectives and Capabilities in Understanding the Relationship between Porter's Generic Strategies and Business Performance
Gonzalez-Benito, J; Suarez-Gonzalez, I
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 4

Top Management Team Diversity: A Review of Theories and Methodologie
Nielsen, S
IJMR, 2010, volume 12, issue 3

Are Female Executives Over-represented in Precarious Leadership Positions?
Adams, SM; Gupta, A; Leeth, JD
BJM, 2009, volume 20, issue 1

Competitive Strategies and Firm Performance: a Comparative Analysis of Pure, Hybrid and 'Stuck-in-the-middle' Strategies in Spanish Firms
Pertusa-Ortega, EM; Molina-Azorin, JF; Claver-Cortes, E
BJM, 2009, volume 20, issue 4

Understanding Business Process Management: Implications for Theory and Practice
Smart, PA; Maddern, H; Maull, RS
BJM, 2009, volume 20, issue 4

Strategy-as-practice: A review and future directions for the field
Jarzabkowski, P; Spee, AP
IJMR, 2009, volume 11, issue 1

The development of the resource-based view of the firm: A critical appraisal
Lockett, A; Thompson, S; Morgenstern, U
IJMR, 2009, volume 11, issue 1

Guest Editors' Introduction: The frontiers of strategic management research
Mellahi, K; Sminia, H
IJMR, 2009, volume 11, issue 1

Process research in strategy formation: Theory, methodology and relevance
Sminia, H
IJMR, 2009, volume 11, issue 1

The structure and evolution of the strategic management field: A content analysis of 26 years of strategic management research
Furrer, O; Thomas, H; Goussevskaia, A
IJMR, 2008, volume 10, issue 1

Strategic decision-making: Process perspectives
Elbanna, S
IJMR, 2006, volume 8, issue 1