International Journal of Social Welfare

Cover image for Vol. 26 Issue 4

Edited By: Åke Bergmark and Jill Duerr Berrick

Online ISSN: 1468-2397

2012 Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development

8-12July 2012, Stockholmsmässan    

In advance of the 2012 Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development, the Editors of the International Journal of Social Welfare would like to offer you free access to the top ten most downloaded articles from the journal so far in 2012.

Rural migrant workers in urban China: living a marginalised life
Daniel Fu Keung Wong, Chang Ying Li and He Xue Song

The definition of social work in the United Kingdom, 2000–2010
Jonathan Dickens

Role of social welfare in European suicide prevention
Andriy Yur'yev, Airi Värnik, Peeter Värnik, Merike Sisask and Lauri Leppik

Comparing unemployment protection and social assistance in 14 European countries. Four worlds of protection for people of working age
Michaela Pfeifer

Iraqi refugees and the humanitarian costs of the Iraq war: What role for social work?
Scott Harding and Kathryn Libal

Children and global social policy: Exploring the impact of international governmental organisations
Nick Axford

Poverty, welfare problems and social exclusion
Björn Halleröd and Daniel Larsson

Caring and the generation of social capital: Two models for a positive relationship
Stina Johansson, Rosemary Leonard and Kerrie Noonan

The evolution of social work practice: implications for the generalist approach
Ron Hall

Retrenching or renovating the Australian welfare state: the paradox of the Howard government's neo-liberalism
Philip Mendes

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Since its inception, the IJSW has promoted rigorous, empirical, and theoretical analyses of social welfare policies and practices from comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives. With a wide angle scope, our aim has been to publish high- quality work of applied social science that is relevant to the issues of the day. In this endeavor, we have benefitted immensely from the intellectual partnership between the Department of Social Work, Stockholm University, and the School of Social Welfare, California, Berkeley - the institutions with which we and the members of the IJSW Editorial Board are associated. Click here to read articles from the Virtual Issue.

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