International Journal of Social Welfare

Cover image for Vol. 23 Issue 3

Edited By: Sven Hessle

Online ISSN: 1468-2397

20th Anniversary Virtual Issue

We are delighted to introduce this special issue in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the International Journal of Social Welfare (IJSW). Since its inception, the IJSW has promoted rigorous, empirical, and theoretical analyses of social welfare policies and practices from comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives. With a wide angle scope, our aim has been to publish high- quality work of applied social science that is relevant to the issues of the day. In this endeavor, we have benefitted immensely from the intellectual partnership between the Department of Social Work, Stockholm University, and the School of Social Welfare, California, Berkeley - the institutions with which we and the members of the IJSW Editorial Board are associated.

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Introduction to the 20th anniversary issue
Neil Gilbert & Sven Hessle

Social exclusion, solidarity and the challenges of globalization
G.J. Room

Societal shifts and changed patterns of poverty
Johan Fritzell & Veli-Matti Ritakallio

Popular support for institutionalised solidarity: a comparison between European welfare states
J. Gelissen

European schemes of social assistance: an empirical analysis of set-ups and distributive impacts
Kajja Holsch & Margit Kraus

The East Asian welfare model
Christian Aspalter

Social security reforms in China: issues and prospects
Joe C.B. Leung

Globalization and the emerging welfare state - the experience of South Korea
H.K. Lee

Ideas, private institutions and American welfare state "exceptionalism": the case of health and old age insurance, 1915 - 19635
Daniel Beland & Jacob S. Hacker

Social capital predictors of children's school status in Mexico
Kristin M. Ferguson

Educational attainments of former child welfare clients - a Swedish national cohort study
Bo Vinnerljung, Maria Oman & Thomas Gunnarson

The impact of residential placement on child development: research and policy implications
Michael Little, Amelia Kohm & Ronald Thompson

Self-reported health, self-esteem and social support among young unemployed people: a population-based study
Lars Axelsson & Goran Ejlertsson

Medicine on the line? Computer-mediated social support and advice for people with diabetes
Brian D. Loader, Steve Muncer, Roger Barrows, Nicholas Pleace and Sara Nettleton

Dilemmas of international social work: paradoxical processes in indigenisation, universalism and imperialism
Mel Gray