International Migration

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Virtual Issues

We are pleased to present the below Virtual Issues of International Migration bringing together content across the archive of the Journal:

Migration Virtual Issue

50 Classic Articles
Elzbieta Godziak
November 2012

Celebrating 50 years of International Migration this Virtual Issue includes classic articles from each Volume of International Migration selected by the ediitor..

The Migration and Development Pendulum: A Critical View on Research and Policy
Hein de Haas
Volume 50 (Issue 3)

Creating an Enabling Environment for Diasporas’ Participation in Homeland Development
Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff
Volume 50 (Issue 1)

A Model for Managed Migration? Re-Examining Best Practices in Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program
Jenna L. Hennebry and Kerry Preibisch
Volume 50 (Issue S1)

A Decision Framework for Environmentally Induced Migration
Fabrice G. Renaud, Olivia Dun, Koko Warner
Volume 49 (Issue S1)  

Immigrant Suburban Settlement and the “Threat” to Middle Class Status and Identity: The Case of Farmers Branch, Texas
Caroline B. Brettell and Faith G. Nibbs
Volume 49 (S1) 

Trafficking in Persons and Development: Towards Greater Policy Coherence
Gergana Danailova-Trainor and Frank Laczko
Volume 48 (4)

Strengthening Data and Research Tools on Migration and Development
Richard Black and Ronald Skeldon
Volume 47 (5) 

Child Labour in West Africa: Different Work – Different Vulnerabilities
Morten Bøås and Anne Hatløy
Volume 46 (3)

High-level Dialogue on Migration and Development
Philip Martin, Susan Martin and Sarah Cross
Volume 45 (1) 

The Danish Cartoon Affair: Free Speech, Racism, Islamism, and Integration
Tariq Modood, Randall Hansen, Erik Bleich, Brendan O'Leary and Joseph H. Carens
Volume 44 (5) 

Sustainable Return in Post-conflict Contexts
Richard Black and Saskia Gent
Volume 44 (3) 

Describing the Unobserved: Methodological Challenges in Empirical Studies on Human Trafficking
Guri Tyldum and Anette Brunovskis
Volume 43 (1-2)

Irregular and Illegal Migration through Ukraine
Greta Uehling
Volume 42 (3) 

Emigration from China: A Sending Country Perspective
Xiang Biao
Volume 41 (3)

The Migration–Development Nexus Evidence and Policy Options State–of–the–Art Overview
Ninna Nyberg–Sørensen, Nicholas Van Hear and Poul Engberg–Pedersen
Volume 40 (5)  

New Approaches to Asylum?
Khalid Koser
Volume 39 (6)

The Medical Assessment of Migrants: Current Limitations and Future Potential
V.P. Keane and B.D. Gushulak
Volume 39 (2) 

Diaspora Migration: Definitional Ambiguities and a Theoretical Paradigm
Judith T. Shuval
Volume 38 (5) 

Trends of International Migration since 1965: What Existing Data Reveal
Hania Zlotnik
Volume 37 (1) 

Migration as a Business: The Case of Trafficking
John Salt and Jeremy Stein
Volume 35 (4)

Migration Policy Objectives for European East-West International Migration
Dusan Drbohlav
Volume 35 (1)

International Migration and Sustainable Human Development in Eastern and Southern Africa
John O. Oucho
Volume 33 (1)

Nurse Mobility in Europe: Implications for the United Kingdom
Ian Seccombe, James Buchan and Jane Ball
Volume 31 (1)

Migration and Development: A Global Agenda for the Future
R. T. Appleyard
Volume 30 (2)

South-North Migration with Special Reference to Europe
A. Golini, G. Gerano and F. Heins
Volume 29 (2)

A Migration Channels Approach to the Study of High Level Manpower Movements: A Theoretical Perspective
A. Findlay
Volume 28 (1)

The U. S. Legalization Program: A Preliminary Final Report
D. G. Papademetriou
Volume 27 (1)

Labour Migration in the Arab Gulf States: Patterns, Trends and Prospects
J. S. Birks, I. J. Seccombe and C. A. Sinclair
Volume 26 (3)

Public Policy in a Multicultural Australia
J. Zubrzycki
Volume 25 (1)

Citizenship: Membership of a Nation and of a State
T. Hammar
Volume 24 (4)

Policy Aspects of Educational Provision for Children of Migrants in Western European Schools
Leslie J. Limage
Volume 23 (2)

The Evolution of French Immigration Policy after May 1981
Catherine Wihtol De Wenden
Volume 22 (3)

Recent European Immigration to the Chicago Metropolitan Area
Alvar W. Carlson
Volume 20 (1-2)

Some Reflections on the Loss of Canadian Economists to the United States
David L. Mckee and Henry W. Woudenburg
Volume 18 (1-2)

International Migration and the Western World: Past, Present, Future
W. R. BÖhning
Volume 16 (1)

Brain drain Issue and Indicators on Brain-Drain
Amalendu Guha
Volume 15 (1)

Immigrants and Refugees: Their Similarities, Differences, and Needs
William S. Bernard
Volume 14 (4)

Temporary Workers in the United States
Charles B. Keeley
Volume 13 (3)

Mental Health Guidelines for Immigration Policy
H. B. M. Murphy
Volume 12 (4)

Canadian Immigration: Policy and Trends in the 1960s
L. W. St. John-Jones
Volume 11 (4)

Human Rights and Refugees
Paul Weis
Volume 10 (1-2)

Factor Migration: Trade Theory and Growth Centers
Charles W. Hultman
Volume 8 (3)

Migration of Canadians to U.S.A.: The Causes
T. J. Samuel
Volume 7 (3-4)

C. Schou
Volume 6 (3)

Determinants of Migration: The Highly Skilled
H. G. Grubel and A. D. Scott
Volume 5 (2)

The Assimilation of Immigrant Women in the Work Force
R. Johnston
Volume 4 (2)

The Decline in Religious Participation of Migrants
Volume 3 (3)

Integration of Refugees : Some Observations On The Hungarians In Canada
T. Cnossen
Volume 2 (2)

Immigration and Development
M. Zanartu
Volume 1 (1)