International Review of Finance

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Edited By: Henry Cao, Sudipto Dasgupta and Hong Yan

Online ISSN: 1468-2443

Financing and capital structure

In the first two issues of 2011 International Review of Finance published a series of special issues on financing and capital structure:

Two Common Problems in Capital Structure Research: The Financial-Debt-To-Asset Ratio and Issuing Activity Versus Leverage Changes
Ivo Welch

Monte Carlo Simulations and Capital Structure Research
Xin Chang and Sudipto Dasgupta

Optimal Expansion Financing and Prior Financial Structure
Sudipto Sarkar

The Detection and Dynamics of Financial Distress
Julie Fitzpatrick and Joseph P. Ogden

Information Asymmetry and Financing Decisions
Wolfgang Bessler, Wolfgang Drobetz and Matthias C. Grüninger

Capital Market Access and Financing of Private Firms
Vidhan K. Goyal, Alessandro Nova and Laura Zanetti

Heterogeneity in the Speed of Adjustment toward Target Leverage
Ralf Elsas and David Florysiak

Capital Structure: New Evidence from the Ownership Structure
Julio Pindado and Chabela de la Torre

Is the Negative Relation Between Leverage and Historical Market-To-Book Specific to US and Information and Communication Technology Firms?
W. Allard Bruinshoofd and Leo de Haan

The Degree of Judicial Enforcement and Credit Markets: Evidence from Japanese Household Panel Data
Charles Yuji Horioka and Shizuka Sekita