International Journal of Cosmetic Science

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Edited By: Editor in Chief: Majella Lane, Associate Editor: Marc Pissavini

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Themed Virtual Issue on Moisturising

Dry skin is a common complaint of consumers worldwide, and "moisturising" is therefore one of the most frequent claims put forward in advertising the benefits of a cosmetic product, from shower gel to facial skin care and even to make-up powders and hair treatment.

The present virtual issue contains some of the recent work published in IJCS on selected topics connected with skin moisture. It is easy to understand that increased knowledge of the barrier function of the skin, especially the stratum corneum layer, leads to novel and improved approaches to moisture management in the epidermis.

The composition of the NMF, the effects of fatty acids, emollients, surfactants, hygroscopic properties as well as sensorial aspects are studied with techniques ranging from Corneometer to Raman spectroscopy. It is surprising how much we can still learn about skin moisture regulation.

As always, comments and reactions to these articles are welcome. Enjoy reading!

Human skin equivalents are an excellent tool to study the effect of moisturizers on the water distribution in the stratum corneum

Characteristic differences in barrier and hygroscopic properties between normal and cosmetic dry skin. I. Enhanced barrier analysis with sequential tape-stripping

Characteristic differences in barrier and hygroscopic properties between normal and cosmetic dry skin. II. Depth profile of natural moisturizing factor and cohesivity

Emollients are more than sensory ingredients: the case of Isostearyl Isostearat

Characterization, sensorial evaluation and moisturizing efficacy of nanolipidgel formulations

Stratum corneum fatty acids: their critical role in preserving barrier integrity during cleansing

Amino acid composition, including key derivatives of eccrine sweat: potential biomarkers of certain atopic skin conditions

Immediate and extended effects of sodium lauryl sulphate exposure on stratum corneum natural moisturizing factor

Effect of mixed surfactants on stratum corneum: a drying stress and Raman spectroscopy study

A review of the effects of moisturizers on the appearance of scars and striae

The effect of an amphiphilic self-assembled lipid lamellar phase on the relief of dry skin

Lysophospholipids improve skin moisturization by modulating of calcium-dependent cell differentiation pathway