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BJS Annual Public Lectures

The BJS Annual Public Lectures provide a platform for leading sociologists to set out their own vision of the most significant questions and debates in their own area of the discipline. The lecture is a unique opportunity, because alongside a text of the lecture itself we publish a set of responses to it – in our March issue – from other scholars within that field. The aim is to offer our readers a clear overview of the ‘state of the art’ in a particular field of sociology, as well as a well-rounded and balanced sense of what the most controversial issues might be. It is in this spirit that the lecture and responses to it are made available to download for free.

Past speakers include Ulrich Beck, Judith Butler, Bruno Latour , Todd Gitlin, John Hagan and Troy Duster.

Morris Interview

2016 BJS Annual Public Lecture
Sociology of W.E.B. Du Bois: why Du Bois is the founder of American scientific sociology
Aldon Morris

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Swedberg Interview

2015 BJS Annual Public Lecture
Before Theory Comes Theorising or How to Make Social Science More Interesting
Richard Swedberg

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A Post-Genomic Surprise

2014 BJS Annual Public Lecture
A Post-Genomic Surprise: the molecular reinscription of race in science, law and medicine
Troy Duster

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Occupy Predicament

2012 BJS Annual Public Lecture
Occupy Predicament: The Movement and the Prospects for Movement
Todd Gitlin, Respondent: Craig Calhoun

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with responses from Craig Calhoun and Todd Gitlin
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Citizenship and Immigration

2011 BJS Annual Public Lecture
Citizenship and Immigration: Rights and Obligations of Individuality
Yasemin Soysal
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with Comments from Ruud Koopmans, Oliver Schmidtke, Lydia Morris and Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal

The Displaced and Dispossessed of Darfur

2010 BJS Annual Public Lecture
The Displaced and Dispossessed of Darfur: explaining the sources of a continuing state-led genocide
John Hagan, Joshua Kaiser

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with Comments from Tim Allen, Vincent A. De Gaetano, Michael Mann, Claire Moon and Martin Shaw

Bringing the Penal State Back In

2009 BJS Annual Public Lecture
Bringing the Penal State Back In
Professor Loic Wacquant

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Disparity, Diversity and Social (dis)order

2008 BJS Annual Public Lecture
Disparity, Diversity and Social (dis)order in the contemporary city
Professor Rob Sampson

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with Comments from Paul Gilroy, Diane E. Davis, Anthony Bottoms, Richard Sennett, Per-Olof H. Wilkström, Sophie Body-Gendrot, Paul Wiles and Robert J. Sampson

Podcast > Part 1 A Brief History of Disorder of the podcast.Podcast > Part 2 Getting to Grips with Disorder of the podcast.

2007 BJS Annual Public Lecture
Sexual Politics, torture and secular time
Judith Butler

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