Japanese Psychological Research

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Edited By: Professor Makoto Miyatani

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ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2014: 97/129 (Psychology Multidisciplinary)

Online ISSN: 1468-5884

Cognitive aging, safety, and quality of life

This special issue consists of eight invited papers from researchers who have recently turned to tackle new issues in their respective research fields in the context of advances in social aging.

Editorial: Special issue on cognitive aging, safety, and quality of life
Etsuko T. Harada

The effects of aging on nostalgia in consumers' advertisement processing
Takashi Kusumi, Ken Matsuda and Eriko Sugimori

Aging and decision making: Differences in susceptibility to the risky-choice framing effect between older and younger adults in Japan
Satoshi Watanabe and Hirohide Shibutani

Reliability and validity of the Prospective and Retrospective Memory Questionnaire (PRMQ) in young and old people: A Japanese study
Yasuyuki Gondo, Nozomi Renge, Yoshiko Ishioka, Ikuyo Kurokawa, Daisuke Ueno and Peter Rendell

Age influences visual attention characteristics among accident-free and accident-involved drivers
Kazuma Ishimatsu, Toshiaki Miura and Kazumitsu Shinohara

Effects of age-related decline of visual attention, working memory and planning functions on use of IT-equipment
Satoru Suto and Takatsune Kumada

Cognitive aging and rich internet applications: Usability problems of Ajax based on the empirical study of older adults
Yuuki Hara and Kaori Kashimura

Cognitive aging and the usability of IT-based equipment: Learning is the key
Etsuko T. Harada, Kenji Mori and Nozomi Taniue

Is learning a family matter?: Experimental study of the influence of social environment on learning by older adults in the use of mobile phones
Kenji Mori and Etsuko T. Harada