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Improving Quality of Manuscripts

From the Editor: Ten Most LIkely Ways an Article Submission Fails to Live up to Publishing
From the Editor: Scholarly Reviews and the Review Process
Five Proposals for Reforming Article Publishing in the Social Scientific Study of Religion (Especially Quantitative): Improving the Quality, Value, and Cumulativeness of Our Scholarship

50th Anniversary

Taking Talk Seriously: Religious Discourse as Social Practice
Robert J. Wuthnow

Cognitive Science of Religion: Looking Back, Looking Forward
Justin L. Barrett

De-Centering and Re-Centering: Rethinking Concepts and Methods in the Sociological Study of Religion
Wendy Cadge, Peggy Levitt, and David Smilde

The Essentiality of "Culture" in Study of Religion and Politics
Laura R. Olson

Dominant Debate
Religious Involvement and Domestic Violence Among US Couples

Religous Involvement and Status- Bridging Social Capital

Theorizing Religious Effects Among American Adolescents

Religiosity and Mental health: A Meta- Analysis of Recent Studies

Specifying the Impact of Conservative Protestantism on Educational Attainment

Prosocial Behavior and Religion: New Evidence Based on Projective Measures and Peer Ratings

Pattern and Personality Correlates of Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Christians and Muslims

Lost In The Market, Saved at McDonald's: Concersion to Christianity in Urban China

Religion and Political Economy in an International Panel

The Spirtual Turn and the Decline of Tradition: The Spread of Post- Christian Spirituality in 14 Western Countries, 1981-2000

Individual Differences in Religion and Spirituality: An Issue of Personality Traits and/or Values

Higher Education as Moral Community: Institutional Influences on Religious Participation During College

Market Share and Religious Competition: Do Small Market Share Congregations and Their Leaders Try Harder?

Religious Practices Among Islamic Immigrants: Moroccan and Turkish Men in Belgium

Secular and Liminal: Discovering Heterogeneity Among Religious Nones

Demographic Imperatives and Religious Markets: Considering the Individual and Interactive Roles of Fertility and Switching in Group Growth

Common Core Thesis and Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Mysticism in Chinese Buddhist Monks and Nuns