Journal of Analytical Psychology

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Edited By: William Meredith-Owen and Susanna Wright, Joint Editors-in-Chief and David Sedgwick, US Editor-in-Chief

Online ISSN: 1468-5922

Key Reading for the IAAP Congress 2013

In 2013, the IAAP Congress marked one hundred years since Jung first attributed the term ‘Analytical Psychology’ to his own corpus of ideas and theories. It was also exactly a century since Jung began work on the 'Red Book', which even though it was not published at the time, we are now able to recognize as a milestone in the development of the analytic approach to the psyche. By taking risks and shouldering burdens of a long, adventurous and often frightening journey to some of the most unknown areas of the inner world – similar to the discoverers of three centuries earlier – Jung defined a new dimension of what it means to go beyond.

Enjoy free access to the following articles, selected by the JAP Editors, to complement the theme of the 2013 IAAP Congress:

100 Years on:
Origins, Innovations and Controversies

Romantic and Classical Views of Analysis: Primal relationship or working relationship
JWT Redfearn (1980), Volume 25, 1-16

Can there be a science of the symbolic?
John Beebe (2004), Volume 49, 177-191

A conversation with Dr Michael Fordham
James Astor (2005), Volume 50, 9-18

Towards the feeling of emergence
Joe Cambray (2006), Volume 51, 1-20

Imagination and the Imaginary
Warren Colman (2006), Volume 51, 21-41

The complementary roles of the IAAP and the JAP in developing Jungian clinical practice
Barbara Wharton (2006), Volume 51, 101