Journal of Applied Philosophy

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Edited By: Christopher Bennett

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Online ISSN: 1468-5930

Society Information

The Journal of Applied Philosophy is owned by the Society for Applied Philosophy. The Society for Applied Philosophy (UK) was founded in 1982 with the aim of promoting philosophical study and research that has a direct bearing on areas of practical concern. It arose from an increasing awareness that many topics of public debate are capable of being illuminated by the critical, analytic approach characteristic of philosophy, and by direct consideration of questions of value. These topics come from a number of different areas of social life - law, politics, economics, science, technology, medicine and education are among the most obvious. The purpose of the SAP is foster and promote philosophical work that is intended to make a constructive contribution to problems in these areas. It does so by funding and supporting workshops, conferences, lecture programmes, graduate bursaries, and via the Journal of Applied Philosophy.

Society of Applied Philosophy

Onora O'Neill, University of Cambridge

David Archard, Queen's University, Belfast

Neil Manson, University of Lancaster

Honorary Secretary
Massimo Renzo, Kings College London

Honorary Treasurer
Garrath Williams, University of Lancaster

SAP Executive Committee
hristopher Bennett (Editor, Journal of Applied Philosophy)
Jonathan Cameron (Society Administrator)
Thomas Douglas, University of Oxford
Helen Frowe, Stockholm University
Daniel Halliday, Melbourne (Australasian Representative)
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Aarhus University
Mari Mikkola, Humboldt University of Berlin
Serena Olsaretti, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Maria Paola Ferretti, Technische Universität Darmstadt
Ingmar Persson (European representative)
Fabienne Peter, University of Warwick
Peter Schaber, University of Zurich
Suzanne Uniacke (Australasian representative)