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Edited By: Michelle Cini and Amy Verdun

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Virtual issue: 50th Anniversary Best Papers

JCMS 50th Anniversary Competition

The best paper per decade has been selected and the winners announced at the UACES Annual Conference on 3-5 September 2012 in Passau, Germany.


50 Years of Leading the EU Research Agenda - shortlist of the five best papers per decade.
The articles are listed by year of publication.



Why is There a Democratic Deficit in the EU: A Response to Majone and Moravcsik
Andreas Follesdal and Simon Hix, 2006

Globalization and the Reform of European Social Models
Andre Sapir, 2006

Normative Power Europe: A Contradiction in Terms?
Ian Manners, 2002

The Many Faces of Europeanization
Johan P. Olsen, 2002

The European social model: Coping with the challenges of diversity
Fritz W. Scharpf, 2002



The European Union and Forms of State: Westphalian, Regulatory or Post-Modern?
James A. Caporaso, 1996

European integration from the 1980s: State-centric v Multi-Level Governance
Gary Marks, Liesbet Hooghe and Kermit Blank, 1996

The Capability-Expectations Gap, or Conceptualizing Europe’s International Role
Christopher Hill, 1993

The European Community between Social Policy and Social Regulation
Giandomenico Majone, 1993

Preferences and Power in the European Community: A Liberal Intergovernmentalist Approach
Andrew Moravcsik, 1993



The Permanent Representations of the Member States to the European Communities
Fiona Hayes-Renshaw, Christian Lequesne and Pedro Mayor Lopez, 1989

Britain in Europe: a Survey of Quantitative Trade Studies
L. Alan Winters, 1987

Domestic Politics and European Community Policy-Making
Simon Bulmer, 1983

Europe as a Confederation: the Community and the Nation-State
William Wallace, 1982

Community, Member States and European Integration: Is Law Relevant?
Joseph Weiler, 1982



France, Germany and Europe
Haig Simonian, 1989

Economic Theories of Integration Revisited
Jacques Pelkmans, 1980

Integration in Western and Eastern Europe: Relations Between the EC and CMEA
John Pinder, 1979

Direct Elections and the Political Dynamics of the European Communities
Helen Wallace, 1979

The Principle of Direct Effect in European Community Law
Alan Dashwood, 1978



Of Blind Men, Elephants and International Integration
Donald J. Puchala, 1971

The Concept of Community and the European Integration Process
Paul Taylor, 1968

The European Community as a Political System: Notes Toward the Construction of a Model
Leon N. Lindberg, 1967

The Prospect of Integration: Federal or Functional
David Mitrany, 1965

Supranational Organizations in the 1960s
Karl W. Deutsch, 1963