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Edited By: Res Altwegg, Darren Evans, John Ewen, Iain Gordon, Jeff A. Johnson, Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita and Julie Young

Impact Factor: 2.788

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 10/49 (Biodiversity Conservation); 48/150 (Ecology)

Online ISSN: 1469-1795

Associated Title(s): International Zoo Yearbook, Journal of Zoology, Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation

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Special Issue

Moving Towards Greater Success in Translocations: Recent Advances from the Herpetofauna

 Moving Towards Greater Success in Translocations: Recent Advances from the HerpetofaunaThis Animal Conservation Special Issue has been collated to present a collection of articles covering recent advances in conservation translocations from one under-represented taxonomic group, herpetofauna. We hope this issue will provide a valuable resource to the translocation community and help guide amphibian and reptile translocations in the future.

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Feature Paper:
Global representation of threatened amphibians ex situ is bolstered by non-traditional institutions, but gaps remain

A. Biega, D. A. Greenberg, A. O. Mooers, O. R. Jones and T. E. Martin

Which amphibians should qualify for the ark?

R. A. Griffiths

A global problem requires a global multifaceted solution
B. Tapley, C. J. Michaels, K. Johnson and D. Field

No conservation without representation? Linked decisions and priority setting in amphibian ex situ programmes
S. Canessa

Asking the right questions about the role of zoos in amphibian conservation

T. E. Martin, A. Biega, D. Greenberg and A. O. Mooers

Animal Conservation in the News

Animal ConservationLandscape connectivity losses due to sea level rise and land use change has been highlighted on PhysOrg. Image credit P.B. Leonard and E.B. Duffy

Animal ConservationPredicting free-roaming cat population densities in urban areas has been highlighted on ScienceDaily. Image credit Tyler Flockhart  

Animal ConservationEcotourism marketing alternative to charismatic megafauna can also support biodiversity conservation has been highlighted on PhysOrg. Image credit Anna Hausmann  

Animal ConservationReducing agricultural loss and food waste: how will nature fare? has been highlighted in The Conversation. Animal Conservation Editor Iain Gordon was interviewed for a radio show. Image credit Andy Mclemore  

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