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Edited By: Res Altwegg, Darren Evans, John Ewen, Iain Gordon, Jeff A. Johnson, Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita and Julie Young

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Animal Conservation Reviewers

The Editors of Animal Conservation would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution of the experts who assist in the review of papers submitted to the journal. View a list those who reviewed papers during 2011.

Thank you all for giving your time and expertise to the journal.

ICCB Poster Prize

1st Prize winner, SCB1st prize went to Lauren Rae (Memorial University of Newfoundland) for her poster: "Effects of browsing by hyper-abundant moose on a forest bird community."

2nd prize went to Shapira (Massey University) for the poster: "Fighting rats with rats - detection of invasive Norway rats using conspecific lures".

3rd prize went to Jose Lahoz-Monfort (University of Kent) for: "Making Extra information count - incorporating auxiliary detection data in site occupancy studies".

ACES prize sponsorship

1st prize went to: Joanna Olko for her poster: "From conflict to cooperation in the Polish National Parks and their neighbourhood in the views of different stakeholders"

2nd prize went to: Juan Luis Peña-Mondragón for his talk "Human-jaguar conflict in northeastern Mexico: analysis of economic losses, people's perceptions and knowledge of the species and construction of conservation strategies".


Recent Press Coverage

The following articles have received press coverage in major news publications or websites.
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Habitat selection guiding agri-environment schemes for a farmland specialist, the brown hare has been highlighted in PhysOrg

The social side of human–wildlife interaction: wildlife can learn harmful behaviours from each other has been highlighted in PhysOrg,

Predation of Atlantic Petrel chicks by house mice on Gough Island has been highlighted in Planet Earth Online and io9

Rainfall-related population growth and adult sex ratio change in the Critically Endangered Raso lark (Alauda razae) has been highlighted in Science

Bird functional diversity and wildfires in the Amazon: the role of forest structure reported on Physorg and Planet Earth Online

The history and management of black rhino in KwaZulu-Natal: a population genetic approach to assess the past and guide the future' featured by Times Live

Does change in IUCN status affect demand for African bovid trophies?: reported in Southernfriedscience

Integrating sex-specific habitat use for conservation using habitat suitability models: reported in redOrbit.

Conservation implications of inaccurate estimation of cryptic population size: reported in New Scientist, The Hindu, Imperial Valley.

Elevated levels of stress hormones in crop-raiding male elephants: reported in BBC.

Using community members to assess artisanal fisheries: the marine turtle fishery in Madagascar: reported in the Guardian.

Assessing the long-term impact of Ranvirus infection in wild common frog populations: reported in Independent

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By Vincenzo Penteriani (Estación Biológica de Doñana, C.S.I.C.) on the article 'Population monitoring of snow leopards using non-invasive collection of scat samples: a pilot study' by J. E. Janecka et al.

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