Animal Conservation

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Virtual Issue - Marine Mammal Conservation

Marine Mammal ConservationInspired by the 19th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals held in Florida, this Virtual Issue of Animal Conservation is a selection of papers published in the journal on marine mammal conservation, covering a wide range of topics such as marine mammal ecology, genetics, behaviour, disease, and illegal exploitation. This Virtual Issue’s papers are now freely available to download.

Long-term patterns in harbour seal site-use and the consequences for managing protected areas
L. S. Cordes, C. D. Duck, B. L. Mackey, A. J. Hall, P. M. Thompson

Genetic status of an endemic marine mammal, the Australian fur seal, following historical harvesting
M. L. Lancaster, J. P. Y. Arnould, R. Kirkwood

Animal behaviour and marine protected areas: incorporating behavioural data into the selection of marine protected areas for an endangered killer whale population
E. Ashe, D. P. Noren, R. Williams

A novel non-invasive tool for disease surveillance of free-ranging whales and its relevance to conservation programs
K. Acevedo-Whitehouse, A. Rocha-Gosselin, D. Gendron

High proportion of protected minke whales sold on Japanese markets is due to illegal, unreported or unregulated exploitation
V. Lukoschek, N. Funahashi, S. Lavery, M. L. Dalebout, F. Cipriano, C. S. Baker

Coastal–marine discontinuities, critical patch size and isolation: implications for marine otter conservation
G. Medina-Vogel, L. O. Merino, R. Monsalve Alarcón, J. de A. Vianna

Is attempting to change marine mammal behaviour a generic solution to the bycatch problem? A dugong case study
A. J. Hodgson, H. Marsh, S. Delean, L. Marcus

Assessing the potential impact of salmon fisheries management on the conservation status of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) in north-east Scotland
P. M. Thompson, B. Mackey, T. R. Barton, C. Duck, J. R. A. Butler

Incomplete reporting of whale, dolphin and porpoise ‘bycatch’ revealed by molecular monitoring of Korean markets
C. S. Baker, V. Lukoschek, S. Lavery, M. L. Dalebout, M. Yong-un, T. Endo, N. Funahashi

Considering the temporal when managing the spatial: a population range expansion impacts protected areas-based management for bottlenose dolphins
Ben Wilson, Robert J. Reid, Kate Grellier, Paul M. Thompson, Philip S. Hammond

Unsustainable harvest of dugongs in Torres Strait and Cape York (Australia) waters: two case studies using population viability analysis
Robert Heinsohn, Robert C. Lacy, David B. Lindenmayer, Helene Marsh, Donna Kwan, Ivan R. Lawler

The effects of inbreeding on mortality during a morbillivirus outbreak in the Mediterranean striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba)
Elena Valsecchi, William Amos, Juan Antonio Raga, Michela Podestà, William Sherwin Article first pu

How many protected minke whales are sold in Japan and Korea? A census by microsatellite DNA profiling
Merel L. Dalebout, Gina M. Lento, Frank Cipriano, Naoko Funahashi, C. Scott Baker

Can comparing life histories help conserve carnivores?
S. H. Ferguson, S. Larivière

Effect of anthropogenic low-frequency noise on the foraging ecology of Balaenoptera whales
Donald A. Croll, Christopher W. Clark, John Calambokidis, William T. Ellison, Bernie R. Tershy