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Physical Anthropology & Evolution

Published: 12 Jun 2009

Edited By: Gillian Morriss-Kay

Heritability of human cranial dimensions: comparing the evolvability of different cranium regions
Mauro Santos, Rolando González-José, Mireia Esparza, Miquel Hernández, Neus Martínez-Abadías, Torstein Sjøvold

Comparative Micro-Anatomy of the Orbicularis Oris Muscle between Chimpanzees and Humans: Evolutionary Divergence of Lip Function
Seth Weinberg, Anne Burrows, Lisa Parr, Michael Siegel, Bridget Waller, Mark Mooney, Carolyn Rogers, Beth Docherty, Mary Marazita, Frederic Deleyiannis, Lauren Reinholt, Timothy Smith, Christopher Bonar

Human 2D (index) and 4D (ring) finger lengths and ratios: cross-sectional data on linear growth patterns, sexual dismorphism and lateral asymmetry from 4 to 60 years of age
L Gillam, R McDonald, F. J. P. Ebling, T M Mayhew

From fish to modern humans - comparative anatomy, homologies and evolution of the head and neck musculature
Rui Diogo, V. Abdala, N. Lonergan, B. Wood

Facial asymmetry in young healthy subjects evaluated by statistical shape analysis
Ilker Ercan, Senem Turan Ozdemir, Abdullah Etoz, Deniz Sigirli, R. Shane Tubbs, Marios Loukas, Ibrahim Guney

Hominid mandibular corpus shape variation and its utility for recognizing species diversity within fossil Homo.
Michael R. Lague, Nicole J. Collard, Brian G. Richmond, Bernard A. Wood

A 3D Micro-CT Study of Site Specific Variation in Trabecular Microarchitecture in the Human Second Metacarpal
Richard A. Lazenby, Sarah Angus, David ML Cooper, Benedikt Hallgrímsson

Development of the human Achilles tendon enthesis organ
Hannah Shaw, Teresa Vazquez-Osorio, D. McGonagle, Graeme Bydder, R.M. Santer, M. Benjamin

Spatial packing, cranial base angulation, and craniofacial shape variation in the mammalian skull: testing a new model using mice
Daniel Lieberman, Wei Liu, Trish Parsons, Heather Jamniczky

Three-dimensional ontogenetic shape changes in the human cranium during the fetal period
N. Morimoto, Naomichi Ogihara, Kazumichi Katayama, Kohei Shiota

New light on old shoulders: palaeopathological patterns of arthropathy and enthesopathy in the shoulder complex
Alice Roberts, Tim Peters, Kate Robson Brown

Craniofacial growth in fetal Tarsius bancanus: brains, eyes and nasal septa
Nathan Jeffery, Karen Davies, Walter Kockenberger, Steve Williams

Morphometrics and inertial properties in the body segments of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)
Kirsten Schoonaert, Kristiaan D'Aout, Peter Aerts

Developmental connections between cranial components and the emergence of the first permanent molar in humans
Marina Sardi, Fernando Ramirez Rossi

Variation in mammalian proximal femoral development: comparative analysis of two distinct ossification patterns
Maria Serrat, Philip Reno, Melanie McCollum, Richard Meindl, C. Owen Lovejoy

The shape of hominoid proximal femur: a geometric morphometric analysis
Elizabeth Harmon

Onotgeny of the nasolacrimal duct in primates: functional and phylogenetic implications
James Rossie, Timothy Smith

Assessing mechanical function of the zygomatic region in macaques: validation and sensitivity testing of finite element models
Kornelius Kupczik, C. Dobson, M. Fagan, R. Crompton, C. Oxnard, P. O'Higgins