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  1. Original Articles

    1. Structural hierarchy of autism spectrum disorder symptoms: an integrative framework

      Hyunsik Kim, Cara M. Keifer, Craig Rodriguez-Seijas, Nicholas R. Eaton, Matthew D. Lerner and Kenneth D. Gadow

      Version of Record online: 14 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12698

  2. Research Reviews

    1. Research Review: Language problems in children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – a systematic meta-analytic review

      Hannah Korrel, Kathryn L. Mueller, Tim Silk, Vicki Anderson and Emma Sciberras

      Version of Record online: 10 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12688

  3. Original Articles

    1. Explaining the sex difference in dyslexia

      Anne B. Arnett, Bruce F. Pennington, Robin L. Peterson, Erik G. Willcutt, John C. DeFries and Richard K. Olson

      Version of Record online: 8 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12691

    2. Early adversity and learning: implications for typical and atypical behavioral development

      Jamie L. Hanson, Wouter van den Bos, Barbara J. Roeber, Karen D. Rudolph, Richard J. Davidson and Seth D. Pollak

      Version of Record online: 3 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12694

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  4. Research Reviews

    1. Research Review: The effectiveness of multidimensional family therapy in treating adolescents with multiple behavior problems – a meta-analysis

      Thimo M. van der Pol, Machteld Hoeve, Marc J. Noom, Geert Jan J. M. Stams, Theo A. H. Doreleijers, Lieke van Domburgh and Robert R. J. M. Vermeiren

      Version of Record online: 25 JAN 2017 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12685

  5. Original Articles

    1. Shared familial risk factors between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and overweight/obesity – a population-based familial coaggregation study in Sweden

      Qi Chen, Ralf Kuja-Halkola, Arvid Sjölander, Eva Serlachius, Samuele Cortese, Stephen V. Faraone, Catarina Almqvist and Henrik Larsson

      Version of Record online: 25 JAN 2017 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12686

  6. Annual Research Reviews

  7. Original Articles

    1. Maltreatment-associated neurodevelopmental disorders: a co-twin control analysis

      Lisa Dinkler, Sebastian Lundström, Ruchika Gajwani, Paul Lichtenstein, Christopher Gillberg and Helen Minnis

      Version of Record online: 17 JAN 2017 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12682

    2. Oppositional defiant disorder dimensions: genetic influences and risk for later psychopathology

      Amy J. Mikolajewski, Jeanette Taylor and William G. Iacono

      Version of Record online: 6 JAN 2017 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12683

  8. Annual Research Reviews

  9. Original Articles

    1. Anger-irritability as a mediator of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder risk for adolescent alcohol use and the contribution of coping skills

      Seth C. Harty, Elizabeth M. Gnagy, William E. Pelham Jr. and Brooke S.G. Molina

      Version of Record online: 19 DEC 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12668

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      Cognitive therapy as an early treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents: a randomized controlled trial addressing preliminary efficacy and mechanisms of action

      Richard Meiser-Stedman, Patrick Smith, Anna McKinnon, Clare Dixon, David Trickey, Anke Ehlers, David M. Clark, Adrian Boyle, Peter Watson, Ian Goodyer and Tim Dalgleish

      Version of Record online: 15 DEC 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12673

    3. Hybrid implementation model of community-partnered early intervention for toddlers with autism: a randomized trial

      Stephanie Y. Shire, Ya-Chih Chang, Wendy Shih, Suzanne Bracaglia, Maria Kodjoe and Connie Kasari

      Version of Record online: 14 DEC 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12672

  10. Annual Research Reviews

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    2. Annual Research Review: Digital health interventions for children and young people with mental health problems: a systematic and meta-review

      Chris Hollis, Caroline J. Falconer, Jennifer L. Martin, Craig Whittington, Sarah Stockton, Cris Glazebrook and E. Bethan Davies

      Version of Record online: 10 DEC 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12663

  11. Original Articles

    1. Tipping points? Curvilinear associations between activity level and mental development in toddlers

      Megan Flom, Madeleine Cohen and Kimberly J. Saudino

      Version of Record online: 5 DEC 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12670

    2. Randomized controlled trial of vitamin D supplementation in children with autism spectrum disorder

      Khaled Saad, Ahmed A. Abdel-Rahman, Yasser M. Elserogy, Abdulrahman A. Al-Atram, Amira A. El-Houfey, Hisham A. K. Othman, Geir Bjørklund, Feiyong Jia, Mauricio A. Urbina, Mohamed Gamil M. Abo-Elela, Faisal-Alkhateeb Ahmad, Khaled A. Abd El-Baseer, Ahmed E. Ahmed and Ahmad M. Abdel-Salam

      Version of Record online: 21 NOV 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12652

    3. Neural correlates of explicit and implicit emotion processing in relation to treatment response in pediatric anxiety

      Katie L. Burkhouse, Autumn Kujawa, Heide Klumpp, Kate D. Fitzgerald, Christopher S. Monk and K. Luan Phan

      Version of Record online: 8 NOV 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12658

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      Music therapy for children and adolescents with behavioural and emotional problems: a randomised controlled trial

      Sam Porter, Tracey McConnell, Katrina McLaughlin, Fiona Lynn, Christopher Cardwell, Hannah-Jane Braiden, Jackie Boylan, Valerie Holmes and On behalf of the Music in Mind Study Group

      Version of Record online: 27 OCT 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12656

    5. Association between irritability and bias in attention orienting to threat in children and adolescents

      Giovanni A. Salum, Karin Mogg, Brendan P. Bradley, Argyris Stringaris, Ary Gadelha, Pedro M. Pan, Luis A. Rohde, Guilherme V. Polanczyk, Gisele G. Manfro, Daniel S. Pine and Ellen Leibenluft

      Version of Record online: 26 OCT 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12659

  12. Annual Research Reviews

    1. Annual Research Review: Quality of life and childhood mental and behavioural disorders – a critical review of the research

      Ulf Jonsson, Iman Alaie, Anna Löfgren Wilteus, Eric Zander, Peter B. Marschik, David Coghill and Sven Bölte

      Version of Record online: 6 OCT 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12645

  13. Original Articles

    1. Reduced tract integrity of the model for social communication is a neural substrate of social communication deficits in autism spectrum disorder

      Yu-Chun Lo, Yu-Jen Chen, Yung-Chin Hsu, Wen-Yih Isaac Tseng and Susan Shur-Fen Gau

      Version of Record online: 28 SEP 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12641

    2. Defining ADHD symptom persistence in adulthood: optimizing sensitivity and specificity

      Margaret H. Sibley, James M. Swanson, L. Eugene Arnold, Lily T. Hechtman, Elizabeth B. Owens, Annamarie Stehli, Howard Abikoff, Stephen P. Hinshaw, Brooke S. G. Molina, John T. Mitchell, Peter S. Jensen, Andrea L. Howard, Kimberley D. Lakes, William E. Pelham and for the MTA Cooperative Group

      Version of Record online: 19 SEP 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/jcpp.12620


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