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Edited By: Edmund Sonuga-Barke

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Associated Title(s): Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Edited by Sally Ozonoff

This virtual issue brings together 12 articles published in JCPP from a half to more than two decades ago that presage the proposed changes in DSM-5 (in which five individual pervasive developmental disorder diagnoses are to be categorised as a single category of Autism Spectrum Disorder) and together provide a window into the empirical and conceptual forces that molded the revision and some of the issues that will remain yet to be resolved.

Editorial: DSM-5 and autism spectrum disorders – two decades of perspectives from the JCPP
Sally Ozonoff

Classification of child and adolescent psychopathology
Cantwell D.P.

Comorbidity in child psychopathology: Concepts, issues and research strategies
Caron C, Rutter M.

Debate and argument: The utility of the term pervasive developmental disorder
Volkmar F.R., Cohen D.J.

Debate and argument: Is autism a pervasive developmental disorder?
Gillberg C.

Is autism a pervasive developmental disorder? Debate and argument: How useful is the 'PDD' label?
Happe F., Frith U.

Validity and neuropsychological characterization of Asperger syndrome: Convergence with nonverbal learning disabilities syndrome
Klin A., Volkmar F.R., Sparrow S.S., Cicchetti D.V., Rourke B.P.

Did Asperger's cases have Asperger disorder? A research note
Miller J.N., Ozonoff S.

Development and current functioning in adolescents with Asperger syndrome: A comparative study
Gilchrist A., Green J., Cox A., Burton D., Rutter M., Couteur A.L.

Emanuel Miller lecture: Confusions and controversies about Asperger syndrome
Frith U.

Annotation: The similarities and differences between autistic disorder and Asperger's disorder: A review of the empirical evidence
Macintosh K.E., Dissanayake C.

Are there subgroups within the autistic spectrum? A cluster analysis of a group of children with autistic spectrum disorders
Prior M., Leekam S., Ong B., Eisenmajer R., Wing L., Gould J., Dowe D.

Exploring the borderlands of autistic disorder and specific language impairment: A study using standardised diagnostic instruments
Bishop D.V.M., Norbury C.F.