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Advances in chemoreception and respiration


Published online: 4 April 2013

Papers selected by Julian Paton, Alexander Gourine and Nanduri Prabhakar


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Review articles
Research articles

Cover image shows human bronchial epithelial cells and was taken by Paolo Scudieri; see Scudieri et al. (2012)


We are pleased to offer you free access to the below top-quality respiratory articles published in The Journal of Physiology. All these articles are free for you to download until the 31 May 2013 and have been selected by Deputy Editor-in-Chief Julian Paton and Reviewing Editors Alexander Gourine and Nanduri Prabhakar.

We welcome the submission of research on respiration, pulmonary diseases and sleep-related breathing disorders that advance our knowledge of physiology and increase our understanding of how our bodies function in health and disease.

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Table of Contents

Review articles

Role of nocturnal rostral fluid shift in the pathogenesis of obstructive and central sleep apnoea
White LH & Bradley TD (2013)
J Physiol 591, 1179–1193

Expanding role of ATP as a versatile messenger at carotid and aortic body chemoreceptors
Piskuric NA & Nurse CA (2013)
J Physiol 591, 415–422

Research articles

The essential role of peripheral respiratory chemoreceptor inputs in maintaining breathing revealed when CO2 stimulation of central chemoreceptors is diminished
Fiamma MN, O’Connor ET, Roy A, Zuna I & Wilson RJ (2013)
J Physiol 591, 1507–1521

A key circulatory defence against asphyxia in infancy – the heart of the matter!
Cohen G, Katz-Salamon M & Malcolm G (2012)
J Physiol 590, 6157–6165

Association of TMEM16A chloride channel overexpression with airway goblet cell metaplasia
Scudieri P, Caci E, Bruno S, Ferrera L, Schiavon M, Sondo E, Tomati V, Gianotti A, Zegarra-Moran O, Pedemonte N, Rea F, Ravazzolo R & Galietta LJ (2012)
J Physiol 590, 6141–6155

Long-term facilitation of ventilation following acute continuous hypoxia in awake humans during sustained hypercapnia
Griffin HS, Pugh K, Kumar P & Balanos GM (2012)
J Physiol 590, 5151–5165

Preinspiratory calcium rise in putative pre-Bötzinger complex astrocytes
Okada Y, Sasaki T, Oku Y, Takahashi N, Seki M, Ujita S, Tanaka KF, Matsuki N & Ikegaya Y (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4933–4944

P2Y2 receptor activation opens pannexin-1 channels in rat carotid body type II cells: potential role in amplifying the neurotransmitter ATP
Zhang M, Piskuric NA, Vollmer C & Nurse CA (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4335–4350

Hypertension is critically dependent on the carotid body input in the spontaneously hypertensive rat
Abdala AP, McBryde FD, Marina N, Hendy EB, Engelman ZJ, Fudim M, Sobotka PA, Gourine AV & Paton JF (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4269–4277

Surface fluid absorption and secretion in small airways
Shamsuddin AK & Quinton PM (2012)
J Physiol 590, 3561–3574

Regulation of ventral surface CO2/H+-sensitive neurons by purinergic signalling
Wenker IC, Sobrinho CR, Takakura AC, Moreira TS & Mulkey DK (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2137–2150

Acetazolamide improves loop gain but not the other physiological traits causing obstructive sleep apnoea
Edwards BA, Sands SA, Eckert DJ, White DP, Butler JP, Owens RL, Malhotra A & Wellman A (2012)
J Physiol 590, 1199–1211

Spinal 5-HT7 receptor activation induces long-lasting phrenic motor facilitation
Hoffman MS & Mitchell GS (2011)
J Physiol 589, 1397–1407

Testosterone restores respiratory long term facilitation in old male rats by an aromatase-dependent mechanism
Nelson NR, Bird IM & Behan M (2011)
J Physiol 589, 409–421

Antagonism of rat orexin receptors by almorexant attenuates central chemoreception in wakefulness in the active period of the diurnal cycle
Li A & Nattie E (2010)
J Physiol 588, 2935–2944

Peripheral chemoreceptors determine the respiratory sensitivity of central chemoreceptors to CO2
Blain GM, Smith CA, Henderson KS & Dempsey JA (2010)
J Physiol 588, 2455–2471

Differences in the control of breathing between Andean highlanders and lowlanders after 10 days acclimatization at 3850 m
Slessarev M, Mardimae A, Preiss D, Vesely A, Balaban DY, Greene R, Duffin J & Fisher JA (2010)
J Physiol 588, 1607–1621

Differences in the control of breathing between Himalayan and sea-level residents
Slessarev M, Prisman E, Ito S, Watson RR, Jensen D, Preiss D, Greene R, Norboo T, Stobdan T, Diskit D, Norboo A, Kunzang M, Appenzeller O, Duffin J & Fisher JA (2010)
J Physiol 588, 1591–1606