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Biophysics and Discovery

Published online: 9 January 2013

Published by The Journal of Physiology

Papers selected by Yoshihiro Kubo.


Table of Contents

Review articles
Research articles

Cover image is from Catterall (2012), Voltage-gated sodium channels at 60: structure, function and pathophysiology


Following the success of the 'Biophysics and Beyond' Virtual Issue, we are pleased to publish another collection of high-impact biophysics and cell physiology papers in this 'Biophysics and Discovery' Virtual Issue. The articles have been selected by Deputy Editor-in-Chief Yoshihiro Kubo and show the broad scope of biophysics papers published in The Journal of Physiology in the last 12 months.

A number of papers have been taken from our themed issue celebrating 60 years since Hodgkin and Huxley published their seminal 1952 papers on voltage-gated ion channels, and we have also included biophysically related papers that formed a computational physiology issue on the cardiac physiome.

In addition to reading these papers, we invite you to watch and listen to our filmed interviews with three of The Journal's Consulting Editors. Frances Ashcroft talks about the biophysics underpinning insulin secretion and ion channel dysregulation in neonatal diabetes, and Bert Sakmann shares with us his thoughts on studying neural circuits. Peter Hunter discusses his computational physiology research on the cardiac physiome.

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David Paterson

Table of Contents

Review articles

Voltage-gated ion channels: celebrating 60 years

Hodgkin and Huxley and the basis for electrical signalling: a remarkable legacy still going strong
Vandenberg JI & Waxman SG (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2569–2570

A brief historical perspective: Hodgkin and Huxley
Schwiening CJ (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2571–2575

Voltage-gated sodium channels at 60: structure, function and pathophysiology
Catterall WA (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2577–2589

Voltage-gated potassium channels and the diversity of electrical signalling
Jan LY & Jan YN (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2591–2599

Sodium channels, the electrogenisome and the electrogenistat: lessons and questions from the clinic
Waxman SG (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2601–26012

How the Hodgkin–Huxley equations inspired the Cardiac Physiome Project
Noble D, Garny A & Noble PJ (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2613–2628

From Ligand-gated ion channels: from genes to behaviour

Structure and function of glutamate receptor amino terminal domains
Furukawa H (2012)
J Physiol 590, 63–72

Thinking in cycles: MWC is a good model for acetylcholine receptor-channels
Auerbach A (2012)
J Physiol 590, 93–98

Research articles

From the Cardiac Physiome special issue

What can modelling provide to cardiac physiology?
Smith NP, McCulloch AD & Paterson DJ (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4401–4402

Modelling cardiac calcium sparks in a three-dimensional reconstruction of a calcium release unit
Hake J, Edwards AG, Yu Z, Kekenes-Huskey PM, Michailova AP, McCammon JA, Holst MJ, Hoshijima M & McCulloch AD (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4403–4422

Data-based theoretical identification of subcellular calcium compartments and estimation of calcium dynamics in cardiac myocytes
Livshitz L, Acsai K, Antoons G, Sipido K & Rudy Y (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4423–4446

Analysis of factors affecting Ca2+-dependent inactivation dynamics of L-type Ca2+ current of cardiac myocytes in pulmonary vein of rabbit
Ryu JS, Kim WT, Lee JH, Kwon JH, Kim HA, Shim EB, Youm JB & Leem CH (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4447–4463

Theoretical study of L-type Ca2+ current inactivation kinetics during action potential repolarization and early afterdepolarizations
Morotti S, Grandi E, Summa A, Ginsburg KS & Bers DM (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4465–4481

An updated computational model of rabbit sinoatrial action potential to investigate the mechanisms of heart rate modulation
Severi S, Fantini M, Charawi LA & DiFrancesco D (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4483–4499

From regular issues

Gating of the designed trimeric/tetrameric voltage-gated H+ channel
Fujiwara Y, Kurokawa T, Takeshita K, Nakagawa A, Larsson HP & Okamura Y (2013)
J Physiol 591 (in press)

TARP-associated AMPA receptors display an increased maximum channel conductance and multiple kinetically distinct open states
Shelley C, Farrant M & Cull-Candy SG (2012)
J Physiol 590, 5723–5738

Inactivating ion channels augment robustness of subthreshold intrinsic response dynamics to parametric variability in hippocampal model neurons
Rathour RK & Narayanan R (2012)
J Physiol 590, 5629–5652

Sequential interaction of chloride and proton ions with the fast gate steer the voltage-dependent gating in ClC-2 chloride channels
Sánchez-Rodríguez JE, De Santiago-Castillo JA, Contreras-Vite JA, Nieto-Delgado PG, Castro-Chong A & Arreola J (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4239–4253

Quantitative measurement of mitochondrial membrane potential in cultured cells: calcium-induced de- and hyperpolarization of neuronal mitochondria
Gerencser AA, Chinopoulos C, Birket MJ, Jastroch M, Vitelli C, Nicholls DG & Brand MD (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2845–2871

Biophysical characterization of M1476I, a sodium channel founder mutation associated with cold-induced myotonia in French Canadians
Zhao J, Duprè N, Puymirat J & Chahine M (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2629–2644

Pivotal role of mitochondrial Na+–Ca2+ exchange in antigen receptor mediated Ca2+ signalling in DT40 and A20 B lymphocytes
Kim B, Takeuchi A, Koga O, Hikida M & Matsuoka S (2012)
J Physiol 590, 459–474