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Published online 4 April 2013

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The cover image shows the fluorescence of a frog muscle fibre subjected to a synthetic localized increase in calcium concentration inside the cell; see Figueroa et al (2012)


Welcome to this virtual issue of The Journal of Physiology, which spans different spatial–temporal domains in physiology. This issue has been published to coincide with Experimental Biology 2013 at the Boston Exhibition & Convention Center, MA, USA, 20–24 April 2013.

The articles have been selected by Editor-in-Chief, David J. Paterson, and feature high-quality research papers published in the past 12 months along with their Perspective articles. Each focus paper highlights a new discovery in physiology, and the Perspective presents the wider context of the paper in a style that makes the subject accessible to a broad readership. The papers and the perspectives in this Virtual Issue are free to download until the 31 May 2013.

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Fishing with flies, worms and bacteria: emerging models for mammalian membrane transport and trafficking
Sunday 21 April 2013 • 10.30–12.30
Organised by David Thwaites. Speakers: Aravind Penmatsa; Britta Spanier; Tiziano Verri and Lynda M. Stuart.

Recent advances in understanding mechanisms regulating breathing during exercise
Wednesday 24 April 2013 • 10.30–12.30
Organised by Hubert Forster. Speakers: David Paterson; James Duffin; Philippe Haouzi and Jerome Dempsey.

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Table of Contents

Perspective: A proteolytic cleavage to separate the sarcolemma/T-tubule from the sarcoplasmic reticulum
Sorrentino V (2013)
J Physiol 591, 601
On: Ca2+-dependent proteolysis of junctophilin-1 and junctophilin-2 in skeletal and cardiac muscle
Murphy RM, Dutka TL, Horvath D, Bell JR, Delbridge LM & Lamb GD (2013)
J Physiol 591, 719–729

Perspective: Lymphatic myogenic constriction – how lymphatic vessels pump lymph uphill
von der Weid PY (2013)
J Physiol 591, 391–392
On: Constriction of isolated collecting lymphatic vessels in response to acute increases in downstream pressure
Scallan JP, Wolpers JH & Davis MJ (2013)
J Physiol 591, 443–459

Perspective: Big answers from a small fly with a cultured brain
Ono F (2013)
J Physiol 591, 3
On: Long-term enhancement of synaptic transmission between antennal lobe and mushroom body in cultured Drosophila brain
Ueno K, Naganos S, Hirano Y, Horiuchi J & Saitoe M (2013)
J Physiol 591, 287–302

Perspective: The hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus may not be at the heart of sympathetic outflow
Stocker SD, Monahan KD & Sinoway LI (2013)
J Physiol 591, 1
On: The role of the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus in the regulation of cardiac and renal sympathetic nerve activity in conscious normal and heart failure sheep
Ramchandra R, Hood SG, Frithiof R, McKinley MJ & May CN (2013)
J Physiol 591, 93–107

Perspective: News from the dark side!
Thwaites DT (2012)
J Physiol 590, 6255-6256
On: T-type amino acid transporter TAT1 (Slc16a10) is essential for extracellular aromatic amino acid homeostasis control
Mariotta L, Ramadan T, Singer D, Guetg A, Herzog B, Stoeger C, Palacín M, Lahoutte T, Camargo SM & Verrey F (2012)
J Physiol 590, 6413-6424

Perspective: Exercise strengthens circadian clocks
Harrington ME (2012)
J Physiol 590, 5929
On: Voluntary scheduled exercise alters diurnal rhythms of behaviour, physiology and gene expression in wild-type and vasoactive intestinal peptide-deficient mice
Schroeder AM, Truong D, Loh DH, Jordan MC, Roos KP & Colwell CS (2012)
J Physiol 590, 6213–6226

Perspective: Airway epithelial cells: ‘Bicarbonate in' ≠ ‘Bicarbonate out'
Schultz BD (2012)
J Physiol 590, 5263-5264
On: Bicarbonate-dependent chloride transport drives fluid secretion by the human airway epithelial cell line Calu-3
Shan J, Liao J, Huang J, Robert R, Palmer ML, Fahrenkrug SC, O'Grady SM & Hanrahan JW
J Physiol 590, 5273-5297

Perspective: Maternal high fat diet programming of the endocrine system
Sullivan EL (2012)
J Physiol 590, 5267–5268
On: Maternal high-fat diet induces obesity and adrenal and thyroid dysfunction in male rat offspring at weaning
Franco JG, Fernandes TP, Rocha CP, Calviño C, Pazos-Moura CC, Lisboa PC, Moura EG & Trevenzoli IH
J Physiol 590, 5503–5518

Perspective: The carotid body in cardiovascular disease: more chicken and egg than horse and cart?
Kumar P (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4123
On: Hypertension is critically dependent on the carotid body input in the spontaneously hypertensive rat
Abdala AP, McBryde FD, Marina N, Hendy EB, Engelman ZJ, Fudim M, Sobotka PA, Gourine AV & Paton JF (2012)
J Physiol 590, 4269–4277

Perspective: The small airways accordion: concurrent or alternating fluid absorption and secretion?
de Jonge HR & Sheppard DN (2012)
J Physiol 590, 3409–3410
On: Surface fluid absorption and secretion in small airways
Shamsuddin AK & Quinton PM (2012)
J Physiol 590, 3561–3574

Perspective: A gas that ignites a bright spark
Steinert JR (2012)
J Physiol 590, 3213–3214
On: Hydrogen sulfide activates Ca²⁺ sparks to induce cerebral arteriole dilatation
Liang GH, Xi Q, Leffler CW & Jaggar JH (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2709–2720

Perspective: Keeping hyperactive voltage-gated sodium channels in silent mode
Bendahhou S (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2543-2544
On: Biophysical characterization of M1476I, a sodium channel founder mutation associated with cold-induced myotonia in French Canadians
Zhao J, Duprè N, Puymirat J & Chahine M
J Physiol 590, 2629-2644

Perspective: Does too much sugar make for lost memories?
Stefanidis A & Watt MJ (2012)
J Physiol 590, 3633-3634
Translational Perspective: Sugar highs and lows: the impact of diet on cognitive function
Barnes JN & Joyner MJ (2012)
J Physiol590, 2831
On: 'Metabolic syndrome' in the brain: deficiency in omega-3 fatty acid exacerbates dysfunctions in insulin receptor signalling and cognition
Agrawal R & Gomez-Pinilla F
J Physiol 590, 2485–2499

Perspective: Vasovagal syncope – the electricity, the pump or the input pressure?
Corcoran SJ & Lambert EA (2012)
J Physiol 590, 1775-1776
On: Cardiac output and sympathetic vasoconstrictor responses during upright tilt to presyncope in healthy humans
Fu Q, Verheyden B, Wieling W & Levine BD
J Physiol 590, 1839-1848

Perspective: Assessing cardio-renal function in zebrafish larvae
Persson PB (2012)
J Physiol590, 2545
On: Techniques for the in vivo assessment of cardio-renal function in zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae
Rider SA, Tucker CS, del-Pozo J, Rose KN, MacRae CA, Bailey MA & Mullins JJ (2012)
J Physiol 590, 1803–1809

Perspective: Reappraising Ih: do myelinated motor and sensory axons of human peripheral nerves operate at different resting membrane potentials?
Krarup C & Moldovan M (2012)
J Physiol 590, 1515–1516
On: The voltage dependence of Ih in human myelinated axons
Howells J, Trevillion L, Bostock H & Burke D
J Physiol 590, 1625–1640

Perspective: How does CO2 activate the neurons of the retrotrapezoid nucleus?
Guyenet P (2012)
J Physiol 590, 2183-2184
On: Postsynaptic mechanisms of CO2 responses in parafacial respiratory neurons of newborn rats
Onimaru H, Ikeda K & Kawakami K (2012)
J Physiol 590, 1615-1624

Perspective: Waveless mammalian muscle
Jacquemond V (2012)
J Physiol 590, 1783
On: Synthetic localized calcium transients directly probe signalling mechanisms in skeletal muscle
Figueroa L, Shkryl VM, Zhou J, Manno C, Momotake A, Brum G, Blatter LA, Ellis-Davies GC & Ríos E (2012)
J Physiol 590, 1389–1411

Perspective: Diet and gastric neurons
Bornstein JC (2012)
J Physiol 590,1015
On: Diet-induced obesity has neuroprotective effects in murine gastric enteric nervous system: involvement of leptin and glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor
Baudry C, Reichardt F, Marchix J, Bado A, Schemann M, des Varannes SB, Neunlist M & Moriez R (2012)
J Physiol 590, 533–544

Perspective: Reactive oxygen species enter the tug-of-war between metabolic vasodilatation and sympathetic vasoconstriction
Kirby BS (2012)
J Physiol 590, 417–418
On: Oxidative stress and enhanced sympathetic vasoconstriction in contracting muscles of nitrate-tolerant rats and humans
Fadel PJ, Farias III M, Gallagher KM, Wang Z & Thomas GD (2012)
J Physiol 590, 395–407