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Edited By: David Paterson

Impact Factor: 4.544

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2013: 8/81 (Physiology); 55/252 (Neurosciences)

Online ISSN: 1469-7793

Associated Title(s): Experimental Physiology

Virtual Issues

The Journal of Physiology publishes collections of articles on a particular theme as occasional virtual issues.



Biophysics and Innovation
February 2015

These reviews, techniques papers and research articles highlight the best Biophysics papers that we have published in The Journal of Physiology over the last 12 months.


Women in Physiology
January 2015

To celebrate 100 years since women were admitted to The Physiological Society we have compiled a virtual issue that highlights some of the most influential and important papers authored by women and published in The Journal of Physiology since it was first published in 1878.



Neuroscience Virtual Issue 2014
November 2014

To mark this year’s Society for Neuroscience meeting The Journal of
has compiled a Neuroscience virtual issue. The articles have
been chosen by Reviews Editor, Ian Forsythe, and feature
recently-published, high-quality research papers and review articles.
These papers highlight the scope of neuroscience articles published in
The Journal and cover research on a cellular and molecular level,to
cognitive and behavioural work, and studies on the neurobiology of disease.


The Obesity Virtual Issue
September 2014

Articles have been selected by Editor-in-Chief David Paterson and feature
papers recently published in The Journal. These papers highlight the wide
scope of research that we publish in the area of obesity, from
neurohormonal signalling studies and those on a molecular and cellular
level, to integrative studies on metabolism, diet, and the diseases
associated with the epidemic.


New papers in cardiovascular physiology
August 2014

Articles selected by Editor-in-Chief David J. Paterson, featuring papers
published in The Journal in the past 6 months. The papers show the
broad scope of cardiovascular research that we publish, from basic
electrophysiology studies and calcium dynamics to integrative papers
covering heart function in health and disease.


Cutting Edge Physiology Virtual Issue 2014
April 2014

This virtual issue of The Journal of Physiology highlights some of the
best papers published in the last 12 months.

The articles have been selected by Editor-in-Chief, David J. Paterson,
and feature cutting-edge research papers published along with their
perspective articles, which present the wider context of the paper in a
style that makes the subject accessible to our broad readership.


Biophysics and Breakthroughs
February 2014

Papers selected by Deputy Editor-in-Chief Yoshihiro Kubo as being
the 'must-read' articles for all researchers with an interest in biophysics.


Neuroscience Topical Reviews published in 2012–2013
January 2014

Topical Reviews published in the Neuroscience issues of The Journal of Physiology in 2012 and 2013.


Selected Topical Reviews of 2012–2013
January 2014

A selection of Topical Reviews that reflect the broad scope of content published in issues of The Journal of Physiology in 2012 and 2013, selected by Reviews Editor Ian Forsythe.



Classic papers in cardiovascular physiology
November 2013

Classic early articles, articles from the Century Citation Club and articles selected by David Eisner, Julian Paton and David Paterson


Virtual Issue for the SfN Meeting 2013
October 2013

Articles selected by Deputy Editor-in-Chief Yoshihiro Kubo and Reviews Editor Ian Forsythe and feature recently published high-quality research papers and review articles


IUPS Virtual Issue
July 2013


Advances in Chemoreception and Respiration
4 April 2013

A collection of articles to coincide with the annual meeting of the American Thoracic Society

Selected by Julian Paton, Alexander Gourine and Nanduri Prabhakar


Discovery in Physiology
4 April 2013

A collection of articles to coincide with Experimental Biology 2013

Selected by David Paterson


Statistical Reporting Guidelines
26 February 2013

Our set of Statistical Perspectives articles


Biophysics and Discovery
6 January 2013

Articles selected by Yoshihiro Kubo



Neuroscience: the first 10 dedicated issues
1 October 2012

The three Editor's Choice articles for the first 10 dedicated Neuroscience issues


Celebrating the work of Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley
1 May 2012

Articles selected by Stephen G. Waxman and Jamie I. Vandenberg


Biophysics and Beyond
20 January 2012

Articles selected by Michael Sanguinetti, Yasushi Okamura, Trevor Shuttleworth, Jamie Vandenberg and Yoshihiro Kubo



The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance
22 July 2011

Papers selected by Paul Greenhaff and Michael White