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    This vesicle contained approximately 10 channels open at the moment of fusion into the bilayer, which then proceeded to inactivate upon fusion into the planar bilayer. Adapted from White

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    Total electric organ RNA, which was hybrid-depleted with single-stranded DNA derived from pools of 12 clones from a highly size-selected cDNA library, was expressed in Xenopus oocytes. Current ‘fingerprints’ were obtained using a symmetrical voltage clamp-protocol (A, inset) and recorded by a chart recorder. After the current response had increased to steady-state magnitudes (as a result of opening of the slow gate), the response to low chloride was recorded at depolarizing potentials. Subsequent superfusion with acetylcholine (ACh) probed for the expression of the Torpedo AChR that was used as internal reference to avoid false positives as a result of RNA degradation. A, background currents in non-injected oocytes; no response to ACh. B, negative pool of clones that shows normal Cl− channel and AChR expression. C, positive pool containing a partial ClC-0 cDNA; reduction of Cl− current with normal response to ACh. D, expression of full-length ClC-0 cRNA; large Cl− currents and no response to ACh. Oocytes were measured in ND96 (in mm: 96 NaCl, 2 KCl, 1.8 CaCl2, 1 MgCl2), except for the low chloride pulse (7 mm Cl−). AChR currents were elicited by 1 mm acetylcholine in the presence of 10 μm atropine to block muscarinic receptors. Modified from Jentsch et al. ().

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