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Thomas Henry Huxley Review 2012
Written by J.C. Avise, “Clones, hermaphrodites and pregnancies: nature's oddities offer evolutionary lessons on reproduction” provides a summary of some of the evolutionary revelations that have emerged from selection theory as applied to genetic and phylogenetic information on clonality, hermaphroditism, and pregnancy.
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- Feeding and food preference in captive and wild Giant anteaters (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) was highlighted in Scientific American
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- Big city life: carnivores in urban environments was featured in Conservation Magazine and io9
- Darkening coat colour reveals life history and life expectancy of male Thornicroft's giraffes featured by the BBC, Discovery News, Live Science and Earth News
- The evolution of ‘bizarre structures’ in dinosaurs: biomechanics, sexual selection, social selection or species recognition? featured in
- The erection mechanism of the ratite penis: reported in Nature, Zee News, The Asian Age, The Scientist,
- Finite element analysis of ursid cranial mechanics and the prediction of feeding behaviour in the extinct giant Agriotherium africanum: reported in Bioscholar News
- Skull mechanics and implications for feeding behaviour in a large marsupial carnivore guild: the thylacine, Tasmanian devil and spotted-tailed quoll: reported in The Canberra Times, Brisbane Times, History Channel, BBC, Sydney Morning Herald, Press Association, Radio Australia, ABC, Live Science, The Age , Yahoo Australia, Top News
- Leopard prey choice in the Congo Basin rainforest suggests exploitative competition with human bushmeat hunters: reported in
- Different habitat preferences of male and female giant pandas: reported in the BBC News
- Continuing wildlife population declines and range contraction in the Mara region of Kenya during 1977–2009: reported in the BBC News, UPI, PLoS Blogs, All Africa, Africa Review, GlobalPost, Newsday, Wanderlust
- The long necks of sauropods did not evolve primarily through sexual selection: reported in the BBC
- Effects of aposematic coloration on predation risk in bumblebees?: reported in the BBC
- Predicting the unpredictable; evidence of pre-seismic anticipatory behaviour in the common toad: reported in the BBC Earth, Guardian, Nature Blogs, BBC Nature
- Why the giraffe grew a long neck: reported in the BBC
- Ancient shark had the strongest bite: reported in the BBC, National Geographic
- Masai Mara wildlife in decline: reported in the BBC, Guardian, LA Times

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