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Editors’ Choice December 2015

Photosynthetic bark by Nathan G. McDowell, Editor, New Phytologist

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December 2015, Vol. 208 No. 4

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Tansley reviews

Cover image:Epichloë festucae hypha (orange) growing around a trichome on a perennial ryegrass leaf blade (green). Courtesy of Carla J. Eaton. (Picture taken at the Manawatu Microscopy and Imaging Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand by Niki Murray and Carla Eaton, and processed to false colour by Pierre-Yves Dupont.) (Dupont et al. pp. 1227–1240)

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New Phytologist offers rapid publication of high quality, original research in plant science. Falling within four sections - Physiology & Development, Environment, Interaction and Evolution - articles cover topics ranging from intracellular processes to global environmental change. We encourage cross-disciplinary approaches that address fundamental questions across the spectrum of plant science. The journal is published 16 times a year, and is owned by a charitable trust dedicated to the promotion of plant science.

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