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Top article
Induced plant volatiles: plant body odours structuring ecological networks
Marcel Dicke

Top Review
Molecular phenology in plants: in natura systems biology for the comprehensive understanding of seasonal responses under natural environments
Hiroshi Kudoh


Top article
Seed dormancy and the control of germination
William E. Finch-Savage andGerhard Leubner-Metzger

Top Review
Biomass allocation to leaves, stems and roots: meta-analyses of interspecific variation and environmental control
Hendrik Poorter, Karl J. Niklas, Peter B. Reich, Jacek Oleksyn, Pieter Poot, Liesje Mommer


Top article
One hundred important questions facing plant science research
C. S. Grierson, S. R. Barnes, M. W. Chase, M. Clarke, D. Grierson, K. J. Edwards, G. J. Jellis, J. D. Jones, S. Knapp, G. Oldroyd, G. Poppy, P. Temple, R. Williams, R. Bastow

Top Review
50 years of Arabidopsis research: highlights and future directions
Nicholas J. Provart, Jose Alonso, Sarah M. Assmann, Dominique Bergmann, Siobhan M. Brady, Jelena Brkljacic, John Browse, Clint Chapple, Vincent Colot, Sean Cutler, Jeff Dangl, David Ehrhardt, Joanna D. Friesner, Wolf B. Frommer, Erich Grotewold, Elliot Meyerowitz, Jennifer Nemhauser, Magnus Nordborg, Craig Pikaard, John Shanklin, Chris Somerville, Mark Stitt, Keiko U. Torii, Jamie Waese, Doris Wagner, Peter McCourt

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