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The following articles are the most cited articles published during 2013

The dual effect of abscisic acid on stomata
F. Pantin, et al.

Resprouting as a key functional trait: how buds, protection and resources drive persistence after fire
P. J. Clarke, et al.

Biogeographical patterns and determinants of invasion by forest pathogens in Europe
A. Santini, et al.

Short-chain chitin oligomers from arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi trigger nuclear Ca2+ spiking in Medicago truncatula roots and their production is enhanced by strigolactone
A. Genre, et al.

Drought response strategies define the relative contributions of hydraulic dysfunction and carbohydrate depletion during tree mortality
P. J. Mitchell, et al.

Senescence, ageing and death of the whole plant
H. Thomas

A specialized ABC efflux transporter GcABC-G1 confers monoterpene resistance to Grosmannia clavigera, a bark beetle-associated fungal pathogen of pine trees
Y. Wang, et al.

Biosynthesis, function and metabolic engineering of plant volatile organic compounds
N. Dudareva, et al.

Photosynthetically relevant foliar traits correlating better on a mass vs an area basis: of ecophysiological relevance or just a case of mathematical imperatives and statistical quicksand?
J. Lloyd, et al.

Seasonal dynamics and age of stemwood nonstructural carbohydrates in temperate forest trees
A. Richardson, et al.

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The following articles are the most cited articles published during 2012

Phylogenetic reference data for systematics and phylotaxonomy of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from phylum to species level
Manuela Krüger et al.

Biomass allocation to leaves, stems and roots: meta-analyses of interspecific variation and environmental control
Hendrik Poorter et al.

The transcriptome of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices (DAOM 197198) reveals functional tradeoffs in an obligate symbiont
E. Tisserant et al.

New grass phylogeny resolves deep evolutionary relationships and discovers C4 origins
Sandra Aliscioni et al.

Accelerating the domestication of trees using genomic selection: accuracy of prediction models across ages and environments
M. F. R. Resende Jr et al.

Fire-adapted traits of Pinus arose in the fiery Cretaceous
Tianhua He et al.

Genetic evidence for natural product-mediated plant–plant allelopathy in rice (Oryza sativa)
Meimei Xu et al.

Nitrogen inputs accelerate phosphorus cycling rates across a wide variety of terrestrial ecosystems
Alison R. Marklein and Benjamin Z. Houlton

Insight into trade-off between wood decay and parasitism from the genome of a fungal forest pathogen
Ake Olson et al.

Toxic cardenolides: chemical ecology and coevolution of specialized plant–herbivore interactions
Anurag A. Agrawal et al.

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The following articles are the most cited articles published during 2011

Distinct seasonal assemblages of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi revealed by massively parallel pyrosequencing
A. J. Dumbrell et al.

The evolution of RNA editing and pentatricopeptide repeat genes
S. Fujii & I. Small et al.

Arbuscular mycorrhizal hyphopodia and germinated spore exudates trigger Ca2+ spiking in the legume and nonlegume root epidermis
M. Chabaud et al.

Establishing a time-scale for plant evolution
J. T. Clarke et al.

Carbon reserves and canopy defoliation determine the recovery of Scots pine 4 yr after a drought episode
L. Galiano et al.

A meta-analysis of plant responses to dark septate root endophytes
K. K. Newsham

Strigolactones are regulators of root development
H. Koltai

Testing hypotheses that link wood anatomy to cavitation resistance and hydraulic conductivity in the genus Acer
F. lens et al.

Sensitivity of leaf size and shape to climate: global patterns and paleoclimatic applications
D. J. Peppe et al.

Nitric oxide participates in cold-responsive phosphosphingolipid formation and gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana
C. Cantrel et al.

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The following top ten articles are the most cited articles published during 2010

454 Pyrosequencing and Sanger sequencing of tropical mycorrhizal fungi provide similar results but reveal substantial methodological biases
L. Tedersoo et al.

Seed dispersal effectiveness revisited: a conceptual review
E. W. Schupp et al.

Physiological mechanisms of drought-induced tree mortality are far from being resolved
A. Sala et al.

Stress-induced DNA methylation changes and their heritability in asexual dandelions
K. J. F. Verhoeven et al.

Evolutionary consequences of autopolyploidy
C. Parisod et al.

Resource stoichiometry elucidates the structure and function of arbuscular mycorrhizas across scales
N. C. Johnson

The importance of wood traits and hydraulic conductance for the performance and life history strategies of 42 rainforest tree species
L. Poorter et al.

The UNITE database for molecular identification of fungi - recent updates and future perspectives
K. Abarenkov et al.

The origin and evolution of lignin biosynthesis
J-K. Weng & C. Chapple

Studying global change through investigation of the plastic responses of xylem anatomy in tree rings
P. Fonti et al.

Citations statistics are taken from Web of Science and are correct as of April 2013.